Madcatz SE Parts question and button color question

will these parts work for a Madcatz Standard edition? Also will i need anything else for it besides these. Obviously i need buttons but,

what color buttons should i get if i have this as my template?

That’s a nice template. I’ve wanted to do something like that for a while. The stick color will look nice too.

If you’re willing to mix button bases and plungers, I would go with white plungers with blue bases for the 6 main buttons, then blue plungers with white bases for the x3 buttons.

Oh, and to answer your question, those parts will be fine!

Parts are fine. Though, I’m guessing you’re getting an LS-33 spring to mod the JLF? I’d go with the aqua Seimitsu PS-15s. But, that’s because I’m a manly man, and I like putting some force in my button presses.

If you asked me I would do:

2 Red, 2 White, 2 Blue, 2 Black Sanwa OBSF-30s.

how would you position that? Like first row red, second white, 3rd blue, last black?

Idk if I would do that, if you’re looking for USA red white and blue, that would just look like the French Flag right?

You can go many ways, I wouldn’t do completely different sets of button colours though (red white blue for example). Perhaps to keep the ryu theme going: a red rim/base with a white plunger swap? And the last 2 buttons solid white. White is a pretty safe colour.
If you don’t mind seimitsu you can also try some white clear buttons, they’d look pretty slick even if you don’t put artwork inside.