Madcatz Persona TE2/ Hori VLX Diamond/ Amazon Fire HD 8 16 GB tablet + more sticks

Please look at the lovely pictures. I’ll be adding more sticks soon!

Madcatz Persona TE2- $420

This is a beautiful stick, but I don’t use it. Basically new, played a handful of matches on it. Comes with box and everything originally included minus the two orange buttons. I’m sure I’ll find them the second I’ve shipped it out. Includes fancy Qanba yellow button plugs.

Hori VLX Diamond PS3- $475

As new as it gets without being sealed. Never played a match on it, only opened to test it back when I bought it from Arcadeshock. Comes with everything originally included.

Hori Soul Calibur V xbox 360 stick- $120

This is in new condition as well, and includes the box and whatever’s in there. I have modded this stick internally so that it takes a Seimitsu LS-32 (this is the stick installed). Sanwa buttons, except for the pink start button which is Seimitsu.

Hori RAP VX-SA xbox 360- $120

The buttons are basically brand new, barely played on this stick. Has Qanba white button plugs and the dustwasher has those little arrows on it.

Dreamcast Agetec Seimitsu mod- $110

This is kind of a weird, but cool stick. It has a psone pcb installed and I have made the extensive internal modifications so that it fits standard arcade parts. If you haven’t done this mod, let’s just say that it is a HUGE pain in the ass. I did a very clean job on the internal case mod. If anyone actually wants to buy it I can open it up and take pics. Populated with a Seimitsu LS-32 and PS-14 G buttons.

Amazon Fire HD 8 16GB- $155 shipped to lower 48

Received as a gift. I already have a smaller version of this tablet so I’m releasing it into the wild. New in sealed box.

All items sold as is; prices for arcade sticks do not include shipping. I will figure out the exact shipping costs to you and you will pay that.

that diamond! beautiful!

Where are you located?

Are these the prices with shipping included?

I’m in socal. Prices are not shipped, but feel free to make offers.

Please PM me a quote for getting the Diamond VLX shipped to 94105 =)

Will do. I will go to the post office and check on it tomorrow.

that vlx diamond is so sexy, wish I could afford it at this time… then my all white vlx could be completed. good luck with sale!

$400 for a TE2? This I don’t understand.

I believe they are limited edition, or Japan only. Something like that.

The Persona version was limited to I believe 1000 units in both Japan and North America (total to 2000 units in existence). But still…

Ya. Still no. Are they even individually numbered?

I don’t think so but I can probably check. Would it be on the box or somewhere on the stick itself?

Not numbered and can buy them new still on some sites for under $300

Let’s see a link to a site where you can buy this stick new for under $300. I’ll buy another one.

nin-nin-game has it for 291 and some cents but that’s pre shipping. But even with the most expensive shipping option I don’t think it reaches 400.

That site is notorious for listing things they don’t have in stock on the site. Feel free to take a chance on it.

Is it just the artwork on the Persona stick that separates it from the others?

It also smells like R@RE L@@K.

I tried and failed. It’s definitely a collector’s stick at a collector’s price, that’s in line with the rest of the market. GLWS!