MadCatz - Fightstick (Standard/Tournament)


I was just wondering if you guys know a good place to buy retail MadCatz fightsticks?

I’ve stopped by Gamestop, Best Buy, and Target and none of these locations hold them in stock anymore. Perhaps I need to look in more specific game shops? Any help would be appreciated.


Online is your best bet. It’s hard for retailers to carry big box items on store shelves for extended periods of time. Specialty shops that work with our distributors will help, mom and pop game stores, etc.

Major GameStop stores carry our current line of Street Fighter X Tekken FightStick PROs, however. If you’re interested in those, then you can check the store locator here:

check out amazon man i saw some good deals on there. Speaking of fight sticks do u know if they are mandatory at evo2k12 because i dont own one or can you use a regular wired controller?

You can used a wired controller at EVO. You can also buy a stick there if you need one.

thanx for the feed back bro i appreciate it