Madcatz fightpad sfxtk s.d. 360 and PS3 version strange issue


got this problem where if i press some combinations of directions + buttons these remain pressed for one or two seconds then these directions and buttons go back to neutral state.

i don’t know if i explained it the right way… this happens on BOTH my sfxtk s.d. 360 and PS3 madcatz fightpads.

i want to see if i am alone on this or it is a known and common issue on these pads.

thanks .

could be dirt getting the buttons jammed

Is this happening on a console or a PC?

On a PC but if i remember right on consoles too…

i have windows seven 64 bit.

Is there a reason you asked this?

Yea. On a PC, USB conflicts or even using a bad hub can cause things like stuck inputs or dropped inputs. I saw this when I tried using my Benq’s USB hub on my Qanba…button 1 (was playing Gauntlet at the time so that was the only button used besides “magic”, which is not pressed often) would sometimes fail to activate if I double tapped it super fast…no input at all. When I hooked it up to the PC directly, no problems whatsoever.

I’ve even seen old razer drivers cause stuck keys in newer Logitech keyboards even with no razer keyboard inserted.