Madcatz fightpad mmmmm

hi, just wana ask why is it im taking quite some time to get use to the fightpad when i was pretty good with the normal ps4 controller eventhough the fightpad has 6 buttons i thought it wont make a massive differnce to learn however it is is it me or is it normal iv played quite a lot past the 4 days iv had fight pad…

i wana know does it take that long to get good with it or do just go back to my arcade stick which i was gettoing good but also getting frustrated bcus of the ammount of time it takes me to learn combos.

Thanks guys for the advice and input …

Unless we knew everything about you, theres no way any of us could really know why its taking you so long.

Just practice intelligently(keyword), and youll get it.

Thanks… hope this helps u to understand me is by playing ssf4 with the ps3 pad i have 2000+ pp and 4500+ bb with ryu and Balrog so…

I always rep the arcade stick because ever since I started using one, I love it.

Since you have access to those three options, try them all out for a bit, see which one you feel gives you the best improvement and just stick with that choice.

Something entertaining I found on youtube, you just worry too much. A really nice quote for more advance players. Good music too instead of techno garbage. “Creative application of skill is the artistic expression of the proficient and fulfilled warrior.” -Sun Tzoote

The best advice I can give you is that if you cannot use input on command any time you want, you haven’t even started yet. Nothing is 100% but if you stick to the same shit you’ll never get better because those who try many different things will eventaully find a way around you and what used to be risky for them they’ll eventaully master if played long enough to the point their significantly better.

Thats some good advice from both of you i really appreciate it… i think i try the fightpad for some time before i actually go back to the stick or ps3 controller… what do you guys think about the tekken 6 arcade stick?

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