MadCatz Drivers for Win7 64Bit?!

Anyone knows where I get drivers for Madcatz’ arcade sticks? I have the SC5 Soul Edition, the MVC3 TE and the SSF4 TE sticks (all for XBOX 360). They work fine on my PC (Win7 32Bit) but I can’t find drivers on my new Laptop. I really hope there is a way to make them work.

Please help me out guys!

I have the round 1 TE, I have Windows 7 64 bit. It worked when I plugged it in just fine.

Have Windows search the net for drivers. Xbox 360 controllers should work out of the box.
Also hit up Microsoft’s Knowledge base, as MS can direct you to the right drivers.

Don’t look for Mad Catz TE, look for Xbox 360 wired controllers on Microsoft’s site.

Also MadCatz PS3 TE FightStick on Win7 32/64-bit


Ok, I plugged in the XBOX360 controller and it took about 1 second to install the driver. But I still have the same problem. Are there more drivers for XBOX360 controllers? Could I have a “wrong” one?

If you need my system properties, I’ll also post them. Just tell me which ones you need.

Second result from Google searching Xbox 360 drivers for windows

Told you to hit up Microsoft.

I use my 2 dual modded te on my 64bit Windows 7 laptop. and I put them in xbox mode and they are recognized as xbox controllers and have 0 problems. But if you are having issues check with microsoft and find the drivers.

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Ok, this is getting ridiculous. I clicked on the link and windows told me, that the driver was already installed, so I chose to reinstall the whole thing. But the problem is still there. Controller works fine, but the TE stick doesn’t. Chipset is intel USB 3.0 so it should work, right?

It’s such a rare issue, I’d call Madcatz.

What do you think the link I left behind is for?

So your sticks work with your Desktop which runs Windows 7 32 bit but not your new Laptop which runs Windows 7 64 bit. If they also run on a Xbox 360 then it isn’t the sticks, it is the laptop.

Try a non-USB 3.0 USB outlet (USB 2.0 or 1.1)
USB 3.0 is not backwards compatible with 1.1, only 2.0.

Try this:
[]Unplug your stick(s) if you haven’t already
]Download but **DO NOT **install the correct driver (Windows 7, 64 bit)
[]Restart your laptop
]NOW you can run the Install for the Drivers
[*]Plug in said stick and test it out
Calling Mad Catz will not help if its a Windows Issue and not a issue with the stick.

I was having the same problem recently with an MLG Arcade FightStick TE for XBox on my Win7 64-bit machine (G74SX-BBK9 ASUS laptop).

Here’s what I did to fix:
Install the Xbox controller drivers from here:
Go to Device Manager
Choose “Update Driver Software…” on the fight stick (should be giving you a warning right now).
Choose "Browse my computer for driver software"
Choose "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
Under the Microsoft controllers category (sorry, can’t get to the details with my stick installed), choose the driver: “Xbox 360 Controller for Windows Version: [8/13/2009]”. This was the most recent version as of the writing.

Windows’ll give you a warning about not being compatible or making your computer explode or something, but proceed, and your guide light on the FightStick should light up.

+1 thx man, you saved my day, works perfectly !!
f*ckin Windows 7-64

Ok Everybody seems to have an Xbox stick, me myself i got an madcats TE round 1 for ps3. It works perfect with my PC which runs win 7-64bit but not my laptop that runs the same, anyone knows how to fix it for the ps3 stick? an solution would be very thankfull

thanks!!! update the driver works for my 360 madcatz stick.