Madcatz Arcade Stick Available for PS3

Hopefully they are still up when i post this…

HURRY! I’m sure they won’t last long:looney:

There’s a thread for this. No sense in cluttering the boards.

is it the TE or SE???

The Standard Edition

Did the link not work for you???

no need to be smart, I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to sticks… It didn’t say SE or TE

standard shitty edition.

It’s been available for over an hour, either newegg got a huge shipment or it’s probably some bug…

lol sorry, just seemed kind of obvious at this point.

They’ve had a note for ETA 5/04/2009 up for about a week or more so I don’t believe it’ s a bug. They also had some Xbox SE’s last week sometime. They only lasted a VERY short time though. says they are expecting some in May as well