Madcatz 360 TE PCB analog question

i have a question regarding the madcatz 360 TE pcb.

i want to use the pcb in a custom built stick. and my question is this.

on the main PCB there are harnesses that go to various things like the mic board, button QD’s and such. there is one set of wires that are going from the main pcb to the turbo/left, right analog and digital pad selector board. if i leave this board out and just use the main PCB what will the joystick default to? will it default to one of the analogs or the digital pad?

thanks in advance


any one? is there a link that has this info already? i used the search but i could not find the info i am looking fore.

If you pull off the harness it defaults to DP I believe.

Yup, DP.