Mad Catz XBLA Stick Availability?

How common or rare are these babies?

I’ve been looking all over Toronto and Ottawa (well, told a friend to look in Toronto) and I can’t find these things at all. Then again, I can’t find anything Mad Catz in Canada besides the SE arcade sticks (and inflation has made them impossible to acquire).

I’m wondering if this is just a Canadian shortage or a universal one.

they’re not being produced anymore, so universal

Has anyone found any recently? Or have they been rare for quite some time now?

I’m assuming (read: desperately hoping) that there’s a slight stockpile of them somewhere because of the Gamestop/EB Games listing online.

i got one this weekend at my local gamestop, i’m in texas, it was used and they are just scattered throughout the US, your best bet would be to get one off of ebay.

I picked one up last month at a local gamestop. They had to dig it out of their stock room and the plastic case was covered in dust, but it worked like a charm. Brand new, though I did a lot of calling around before I found it. Your best bet is probably ebay as said prior.

You could get it at this shop located in Quebec which claims to have 27(although their stock counter seems weird at times),

but its 32.95 and the store only shows prices in USD

I resorted to eBay and I’ve only found one auction and it’s US only.

Anyone feel like selling me one of theirs? Or feel like running around places to get one for me?:rofl:

Thanks for the answers, guys. The search for a cheap, common ground, 360 PCB continues.

The madcatz controllers that gamestop and EB sell are common ground. Do they not have those in Canada?

Actually came across two X360 TE Sticks now. One is opened used twice now (by myself) and the other is brand new. I’m considering putting the twice used stick up on Ebay, but you might be able to talk me into selling it to you. PM me.

It’s very rare in my city. I checked 3 Microplays (I think it’s a Canadian chain) and 4 EB Games and only found one Mad Catz controller. Luckily, it was common ground.

I’m not looking for the actual SE or TE arcade sticks. I’m looking for the other Mad Catz 360 stuff in order to dual PCB with. I’m kind of on a budget, so it makes the search pretty tough.

I’ve bought a couple 4716 pads from this guy without any issue so you know he’s trustworthy. Bit expensive but if you can’t find one what do you do?

It’s pretty much impossible to find any Madcatz controllers here in Australia so I didn’t have much choice. :rolleyes:

They’ll work fine if you are using it for a joystick.

Thanks for the recommendation, Dreamcazman.

I walked into an EB Games and they have new controllers for $39.99 CAD. A grand total of 2. I’m debating whether it’s worth $45 to guarantee one or order one online, save 10 bucks and wait.

God damn, I’m so impatient!

It’s kind of luck of the draw… picked one up yesterday in Houston…

$9.99 :wgrin: