Mad Catz TE Cleaning and Care?

I’m new to SF but i got the TE and just want to know how to keep it nice.

Anyone use a special cloth or fluid to keep the top from becoming grimy from sweat and whatnot?

Thanks guys, this site rocks!

Please play me anytime too.

I just use the cloth that came with my LCD TV. Wipe it down after the gunk and oil builds up.

I use a chamois cloth that came with my Thermaltake computer case. Seems to get the job done, but there are a few unexplained scratches on the surface of the platform now.

I use a microfiber cloth too wit the lcd/monitor cleaning solution.

Watches, buttons on sleeves, rings and fingernails can scratch the TE.

That’s all great guys. Thanks

I just use a…sponge…

I just use a wet paper towel to whip everything down then dry it with another dry paper towel.

I polish and wax it with a cashmere handkerchief before I slip it into its velvet case each night before bed (while whispering sweet nothings into its mic port).

lol :rofl:

haaha man I thought I took care of my joystick… lol

Does anyone here use ShamWOW!


I used a baby wipe once, seemed to work fine.

Er,…uhh, yeah. That’s what I meant, too.

I have a ShamWOW! but they don’t work as good as a microfiber cloth. It’s like using 10 paper towels placed on top of each other instead of using 1.

Use damp paper towel to clean up all the gunk after usage, then wipe it down with a soft cloth to dry it up. Then put a t-shirt ontop of it when not in use so it doesnt attract dust.

<3 my TE stick

Does a paper towel not scratch up the artwork? I only use paper towels on glass after my PSPhat got owned by one.

Just wear crushed velvet gloves and you won’t have to worry about it. You’ll have to worry about what your friends think…but you won’t have smudges to deal with.

I know this isn’t an answer to your question, but just something I wanted to bring up…

Anyone new to Japanese parts or arcade sticks in general can and should have peace of mind in knowing that Sanwa components are build tough. They might seem kind of delicate or toy-like, especially compared to rough and rugged American parts, but maaan those things can deal with a lot of normal grime and abuse… dust, water, soap, sweat, mashing, smacking, dropping that shit on the floor, whatever. At the end of the day, they were designed to be used in arcades, and built to stand up to hours and hours of anything and everything the general public can do to them. They will take a LOT of shit and keep on working just fine. Also, on top of just plain continuing to function properly, Sanwa parts in particular are famous and beloved for their ability to maintain a consistent and buttery-smooth feel throughout their entire lifespan.

It’s only smart to maintain your gear well, and I agree that everyone should try and take good care of their stuff, but on the same coin I just wanted to let anybody who’s worrying about their stick to know that it will be strong for you! Unless people are pouring bottles of cola right in there or swinging bats at it, no need to stress. :tup:

The stick is mechanical so it will [media=youtube]TniIi38qgHE"[/media]like many things.

On that note if you do break a button, its only 3 bucks to replace and easily swappable compared to the other sticks.

Even the joystickis easy to replace.

Tired of seeing scratches on the face of it?
Replace the art work to make it look new again and to ensure it lasts even longer by placing plexiglassover it

Even knowing that its tough its hard not to be [media=youtube]OSz4jOGior8"[/media]with it.