Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Fight Pad

Has anyone made a joystick out of one of these yet? Or has anyone taken it apart to see how plausible it might be, I picked one up and was thinking about making a custom joystick out of it if at all possible.

There are so many cheaper options I don’t know why you would…

Because I got the fight pad for 25 dollars?

Good answer. I suppose it’s possible. If you open it up and post a pic then someone here will tell you where the solder points are.

Or, on the other hand, you could sell that bad boy for 40-50 and buy yourself a gamestop madcatz, hack that and have money to go drinking.

Doesnt the fightpad use a common ground and a much more simpler PCB? It might be worth it just for ease of hackabilty.

There are a couple of other pads that use common ground, just not the official microsoft ones.

Get the 10$ Gamestop arcade stick.

Sell the fightpad (or keep it) buy a carton of smokes and use the PCB in that, imo.

Why would I want to keep it… It’s Blanka… the only reason I bought it was to tear it apart… because why would any normal person want a Blanka Fight Pad.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume they made one of their 5 fightpads a Blanka one because Blanka is a popular Street Fighter character in the US, and people would want to buy it.

Here are the internals.

I can see some value in modding one of these that nobody has pointed out yet. If nothing else, this would be an easy way to setup an 8 button controller without having to wire around the analog function of the triggers. If these ever become cheap again (just checked Amazon, $62 for Ken, $175 for Akuma!) I might try this. It will all depend, for me, on what games come out that may “require” 8 buttons, you can easily map around the triggers for SF:IV, so i just skipped them.

Please don’t use the idiotic Amazon money grubbers as your basis for price. I’ve seen these things at retail for $39.99 locally, so they’re out there.

I grabbed one and like it for XBLA games more than anything. But I really think even at 39.99 they’re overpriced… this thing should be 30 or less IMO.

why get these pads?

because its more ergonomic than those saturn pads (to throw, lp lk, I would need to position my thumb in an awkward manner for the saturn pad). The 6 buttons on the fightpad are all aligned nicely so that your thumb can press 2 buttons or 3 at the same time with ease.

That being said, I still havent opened mine yet :lol:,
im hearing that a bunch of people have their directional pads stuck!!

Wanting to see positive feedback for this pad… anyone use it for more than 3 weeks without any problems???

Also, what is eb games return policy on unopened hardware? its not store credit is it???:annoy:

I’ve had mine since launch. It’s NOT my regular SF controller, so it doesn’t take the beating one would if it wastheir primary controller, but it’s working just fine. D-pad is responsive, but a little slicker than I’d like ideally. Good size for my thumb, but I can see how some folks would prefer a smaller pad. Face buttons are good, shoulder buttons are a little blah, looking inside of a Fightpad I see they use little foam donuts for springiness, so I’d suggest probably not using them alot. Styling is nice and it’s light and comfortable to hold. Would be nice if the 360 one was wireless like the PS3 one, but what can you do?

eh foam donuts for the d pad?? is this the main reason why the dpad would get stuck? or is it faulty pcb?

call me weird but if I had the option to have a wireless pad WITH batteries or a wired pad, I would choose the wired pad…

if it was bluetooth, usb rechargeable on the other hand…

Only the shoulders use the foam donuts as far as I know… the D-pad uses regular old contacts. PCB looks pretty basic and solid to me. I haven’t seen a D-pad stick yet, it could be lots of things.

I’ve been spoiled by wireless controllers this whole console generation. It’s one thing on a stick, but on a hand controller, it’s hard to go back.

Yeah, really! That’d be cool.

Is it possible if you touch those silver parts on the board where the dpad direction buttons go it will mess up the control? Like the dpad doesnt sense anything anymore?

I agree, this looks like the perfect pad to use for 8 button setups. Hopefully MadCatz floods the market with a huge batch of these controllers, then maybe we’ll see them on clearance for a cheap price >_> Also as anyone plugged one of these in the computer to check if the trigger buttons are on the same axis or seperate digital buttons?

The fightpad is absolute garbage. I will never play with that thing again. Better learn how to use a stick. They are the greatest thing ever invented for fighting games.

LOL yeah, fightpads are going for ridiculous prices on ebay and amazon. Unless you really want to hack it, you should probably just sell it for a profit.