Mad Catz PS3 Street Fighter 4 FightStick doesn't work on PC

Hi guys. I have a Mad Catz PS3 Street Fighter IV FightStick but it doesn’t autoconnect to my laptop. It has USB 3.0, the driver got installed, and the controller is recognized as the PC USB Wired Stick 8818. However, the input is not being registered. It can detect my other sticks my the Victrix Pro FS, Razer Panthera (non evo), Hori Pro N Hayabusa, and Hori PS3 Fighting Stick. JoyToKey and the 360CE show that the joystick and buttons also do not register. 360ce detects it as PC USB Wired Stick 8818. I’m using an Acer Predator Triton 500 laptop, as I have no space for a desktop. Thanks in advance for any advice.

If it’s a first gen Mad Catz PS3 ST IV stick?
Then its not compatible period.

You ether need a controller converter like the Brooks adapters or replace the PCB inside the stick.

Which Brooks convertor do you recommend? The Ps3 to Xbox 360 version?

Either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One versions as they both have Xinput support.

What less important for PC play is the console the adapter is for and instead if it supports the Xinput API most PC games use currently