Mad Round 2 TE's for SALE NOW

Check out MadCatz. Just got one 12 min ago.


The new Round 2 TE’s are for sale under the new arrivals Tab on the left side of the first page. Have fun.

they’ve been on the shelves of every EBgames/Gamestop store in Canada for over 2 months now.
also, there’s a thread for the SF4 sticks.

Updated their gameshark website to now link and feature the Round 2 TE fight stick on the main page.

I held one of these at Gamestop six weeks ago, mentioned it in the Madcatz controller pad. Only difference is the art, which someone has done in the template thread.

And the all-black case I believe

That’s true, but its nothing vinyl dye won’t fix.

these look the best so far imo

The Mad catZ Round 2 Fighting Pads on

Gameshark stoooore and Amazon, Beautiful for Xbox 360 and PS3 , several themes

Looks like the PS3 fightpads are still wireless.

fucking idiots…

Why’s that? Toodles did a comparison between the bluetooth controllers and a wired controller, found the lag to be negligible. Unless you mean for competitions, but just about everyone there would have a stick, not a pad. Now, I’ll admit I’ve got no experience with these fightpads, have there been issues with them, or is it more just a bias against wireless?

No, no. I’m all for wireless if it’s GOOD.

The issue with these wireless fightpads is that they’re repeated offenders with major issues.

Syncing for one was a huge problem in the round 1 controllers. People started shipping them back to get replaced, then they found it easier to simply ship people new wireless USB adapters because those were where most of the issues came from.

Some people have gone through multiple USB adapters, mine STILL doesn’t work correctly.

Some, like mine…will sync once in a while, but when it does the turbo button somehow stays on, dunno wtf that’s all about but it’s completely unplayable.

My wired fight pad has had absolutely 0 issues since I bought it when SF4 came out, whereas my wireless one worked for roughly 3-4 uses before it shit out.

I LOVE my fight pad, I just wish they’d move the ps3 version to wired, it would save themselves a ton of trouble, and many customers some big heartache. Unless they’ve drastically improved the functionality, new pretty pictures are going to do jack shit for their sales in the ps3 department.

And yes, most tournament players use sticks. I still use my pad, and find that more and more pad players are showing up to tournaments…some doing quite well.

Ahh, ok, bad issues with the ps3 sticks, didn’t know that. Right there with you then.