M.I.T. Students condemn FGC as racist, sexist and for the poor

Habbu Sensei (@DarkHadou) posted this link today on twitter, showing some MIT students (or at least i HOPE students) at a “No Show” conference, discussing some of their findings when observing fighting game tournaments.

I just thought I’d bring it here to see what everyone else’s views are on:

A) The “FGC” and your experiences of the behavior within it
B) Your response to the video and the people presenting it
C) What steps we, as fans of the genre, can take to stomp garbage like this out

Personally, my experiences with fighting games have been nothing but positive. Frankly, without getting too pathetic about it; it’s saved me and made me in a lot of ways.
As a white male in his mid-20s, I guess I’m least “at threat” of what they talk about in this vid, but I really can’t say I’ve seen the things they talk about (with the exception being in the twitch streams)

The whole thing feels aggressively targeted towards people playing fighting games. It seems hugely under-studied, exaggerated and generalized. I feel like they had a bad experience, possibly due to their own shitty attitudes, and have decided to vent that by attacking and goading something that clearly,a lot of people, from every background love.

Make up your own mind though, and share what you think. Link below:

(The discussion starts at around the 4:00:00 mark.)
Edit: The talk of sexism and racism etc starts at around 4:40:00

They disgraced Guile’s theme!

For those of you that don’t wish to give them any views, I’ll summarize: On the plus side, the FGC is very racially diverse and welcoming to newcomers. However, the examples they gave (Aris and the stream chat that motivated him… smh) paint the FGC as a group of sexists with casual racism toward everyone.

The racism part is the most retarded, honestly. If everyone is casually racist toward one another, isn’t that just smack talk?

Theres another thread about this.

But its filled with a ton of Aris fanboys who arent out of high school yet or still havent spent time around nice normal women.

You should still check existing threads before opening a new one…