M. Fanta in SFxT V.S


I would like to put a M. Fanta K stick in my V.S.

I am using the stock metal pane with a tek 6 button plexi over it.

Can someone provide specific instructions on what needs to be done to make it fit? (eg. drill holes, dremeling, etc.)

Thanks in advance!

Also could someone tell me if the m. fanta and crown top metal plates that go against the mounting brackets are interchangeable? if they are i can just swap out metal peices and use that to mount the m. fanta. (see pics) I know it may not look pretty but as long as the circular hole in the middle for the stick and 4 screws are the same size it should work.

please let me know if you have any information


M. Fanta joystick needs a larger opening for the black plastic collar that what the stock V.S. top panel allows for the JLF. I don’t have accurate measurements but its larger than the standard 24mm.
You have to either replace or modify the top panel.

I also know that the M. Fanta isn’t compatible with the Te joystick panel mount.
The newer Crown joystick mounts like a JLF, and I see why you want to use that mount plate.

But the Crown mount plate will not fit over the M. Fanta’s black plastic collar.

Thanks doggie!

Oh I forgot your use of the JLW mount plate. And for your reference sethian0, that whiteish plastic peice is from a “el-chepo” Hori joystick found in there cheaper controllers.

But what joystick did you use exactly? It does not look like a typical M. Fanta K stick to me, unless thats a different shaft.

M. Fanta medium stiffnes, first and best version

Good tip. How can i specify that one before i place the order? (Unless that version isn’t available anymore.)

So you are saying use a JLW mounting plate on the m fanta and it will fit (if i can cut the neck hole higger for the rubber grommet) ?

thanks in advance guys!