M.Bison's (straight up) j.HK?

Can this be used as an anti-air just like Blanka’s (straight up) j.HP?

It seems to have very good range and good priority… just want some clarification on this

You’re better off doing an RC Psycho Crusher or meeting them air to air with a j.mp,mp or just do his AA custom. Also c.fp and s.fp are good AA’s. c.fp beats Sagat’s jump-ins clean.

c. fp???

i’ve done my share of c.fp against jumping sagat and it didn’t seem to work… i usually just do s.fp

maybe somebody can do some indepth analysis of c.fp’s??


Gotta time it better.

Yeah c.FP and s.FP are already in my arsenal ;]

Just wanted to know if its worth using.

jumping at my airborne opponent with two medium punches seems to surprise them AND knock them down if it connents which is pretty cool

jump foward :mp:, :mp: is one of the best air-to-air moves bison has…when you hit ppl with it, you can follow it up either with CC or Super Psycho Crusher