M.BISON Matchup Thread

You will pay for what you have done to me!

Noticed that most of the time he does a head stomp neutral jumping with LK disables it.

I thought maybe this could be helpful sometimes. This is the matchup thread in the M. Bison forum vs. Nash.

Wow really a neutral jump LK?? I’ll have to try that

After the first block or early before they hit?

St.hk completely stuffs all options AFTER a blocked stomp. Also good since it resets Bison and allows for free pressure such as a cross-up which removes his charge. To my knowledge, j.lk doesn’t net you that same mixup.

after the stomp st.hk da bomb :slight_smile:

If you get a knockdown, jump in. He’s free. Better yet, if you’re anywhere slightly closer than cr.MK range, jump in. He’s free.

He only has one option after a blocked stomp, other than moving away. Removing his charge doesn’t leave him without offensive options. Inferno is a QCB, and it doesn’t prevent him from doing a Devil’s Reverse either.

Anyway, I don’t know why you would even bother blocking a stomp when you can just st.HK him out of it, st.HK to make him miss, jump straight up and throw or just HK Scythe. If you block the stomp, you can j.HP, j.MK or HK Scythe if he tries a followup. If you’re talking about the EX version, that has frame advantage on block. You wouldn’t want to block that either though. Just do a st.HK to make it miss. st.MK also has a high probability of stuffing it (depends on range). Just watch out for a Devil’s Reverse before the Stomp actually hits. The tracking of the Stomp in this game is awful. It locks on to where the opponent is when it launches, and never alters trajectory. Any shift in the opponent’s hurbox and it completely whiffs. It’s terrible.

Ive seen Ca55hern doing this vs bison’s dive in - glowing hand
L-Knee into sweep worked pretty well

before the head press glowing hand, how do i stop that move?

Are you referring to Devil Reverse? With meter, you could try an ex.SS (qcb +KK). Without meter, I’m going to give it some testing first.

EDIT: Tried it out on a shallow early Devil Reverse and a regular Devil Reverse. For both, a well timed j.MK works (though better jumping forward), but its quite unreliable. I found j.MP to be the best, as its angled upwards, best for a quick reaction, rather than full on prediction.

thank you so much juliankprime. but did you mean forward jump or neutral mp?

No worries man. I’d say by default, forwards jump, but it’d depend on how far Bison is coming from and how high up. You’d want to get him before he has his arm extended and be somewhat under him.

St.HK after a stomp has shown to be pretty useless for me.

thats the only free way he get in on me. getting frustrated tbh

lianghubbb you mean back mk?

Against Headstomp use Bazooka Knee (f+LK) to get under. If you do it late it’ll also go under Devil’s Reverse or hit him out of it.

How do you guys punish Knee press, it seems whenever he does it he ends really far for anything to happen.

The only knee press you can punish is lk, and only then with lp or lk since it is -4.

Although the others can’t be punished, since they are negative on block (except ex knee press) you need to throw out a normal such as lp or mp so that it’s your turn to make him block

How do you guys deal with J.HK? As far as Air to Air?Nothing I seem to do reaches him before he hits me.