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Hello all,

I would greatly appreciate any advice on how you effectively learned how to put together links. I’m a new player and have gotten to the point of being any to execute moves but not in succession due to timing issues. How can I practice to get better?


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You practice it in training mode.

Once you know that certain combos are possible using links, it’s just a matter of practicing it. Try to shift the timing of your attacks if you’re not successful. Do it slightly early, or slightly later, and keep changing the timing until it works. Once you lock that down, it’s just a matter of doing it over and over again repetitively until your muscle memory cements, and you instinctively know the timing for that combo without thinking about it.

Attempt the link. If your move doesn’t come out, you’re doing it too early. If your move comes out, and it doesn’t connect, you’re doing it too late. Use that as a rough guideline for how you should adjust your timing until you nail it.

If you can do it ten times in a row without fail, that generally means that you should be able to do it during a live match without too long of a transitional period. It will take a certain level of comfort and experience in order to take something that you learned in training mode and apply it to a live match. Just be patient, keep at it, and you’ll net results soon enough.

Thank you for your guidance. It is really appreciated.

Yeah your timing guidelines should help a lot. My issue is that the moves come out but I’m not getting the ‘Combo’ proc to come out in-game. Like you said, it is probably because I am late so I will tinker with it.

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Also, be sure to set your training dummy to auto block. That way if you miss the link, your dummy will just block the hit. That way you don’t have to keep checking to see if it registered on the combo counter or not.

What link are you doing? His cr.lk links?

I find the cr.lk links much easier when I do crouch teching, I can easily connect 4 cr.lk xx scissor into HP Crusher wakeupcrossup, I find it much harder when I only press. cr.lk. With the tech input it seems like I have more contrl, perhaps sometimes a cr.lk~cr.lp plink comes out, which saves the deal.

First: you are in the wrong forum section !!!
second: check all the youtube videos related to execution,m.bison etc etc and then post here …you will find more help on youtube than here

Learn to plink all your moves. Look up on youtube for how to plink. I’m serious. Don’t learn the one button approach, then go BACK and learn the two button approach. Something I wish someone had told me when I was first starting out.

Practise practise practise.

This game has alot to do with rythem, rythem u gain from learning the links.

This game takes a while to get used to, I would say 1 hour a day go into training and just link c lk’s or c lp’s into light kicks a week of this would drill the timing into ure head :slight_smile:

I have just started using bison an I’m really liking him . However I’m having a lot of trouble connecting crouching lk link combos . Does this require plinking with jab ? Even with this I have issues I have seen a lot of plinking videos but it never shows the timing that this should be done . Can some one breakdown timing for these combos or does it even require plinking .

This is a pretty common question. No, the cr.lk links can be done without plinking albeit with some practice. You can choose to plink them, which in fact is probably a good idea, because most of the time you will be hitting your cr.lk’s from crouch techs anyway, which is the same hand position.

As for learning the timing, different people have done different things. If you have a relatively lagless monitor, you can press the next cr.lk when you see Bison smile. Other people have tried using an online metronome such as http://www.metronomeonline.com/, and set it to 160 bpm. You still have to hit training mode though.

Yes, learn to plink. I learned and can do the once-button on a whim now IRL (I think as a musician, it helped), but I very much wish I had learned plinking it. It would make it come out much more consistently online, and I can’t really plink it without relearning all my timing.

Double-tapping might also help you out.

I never do links since they are too risky. Dropping a combo is stupid as Hell. The longer the combo, the more likely you will drop it therefore get punished by your mistake.

Errr… EVERY single character in this game needs you to be able to link to maximise the damage output you have.

So, what happens when you land a crouching short and a jumping cross-up?

You need links to be able to combo. You need combos to be able to make the most out of a confirmed hit.

I would do a scissor kick after the crouching short (I’m not sure what crouching short means) and for a jumping cross-up I would do crouching light kick 3 times then scissor kick.

I agree with the rest of what you said, but you don’t need long combos to cause massive damage per time. I can beat someone in 14 seconds with a perfect against someone of the same skill level without doing any long combos and without links.

Doing short and meaty damage combos combined with pokes from his strong normals is key to causing massive damage per time.

Yes, after watching your video that you posted, I can see how you would never need to do links with the ability to mash out standing short like that.

I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic or not or both, but thanks anyway.

Note that this only applies to RL, though. Online you should maybe just stick to a couple of links you know will not be too tight.

This is not a good way to approach this game. Watch some very top level Bison play. taking advantage of every opportunity is a trait all top players share, and combos allow you to do that. Also saw your other post where you claim that you have fixed most your problems. I bet 100 bucks you have not fixed any of your problems in two days. it takes months on conditioning to fix your problems. I personally have plenty of problems I try to address each and every time I play AE.

What is a link to you exactly?