M. Bison fan fiction by me

M. Bison’s Fairy Tales

I was born in Sicily in 1982. During my youth, I urged young Calabrian boys to join the Resistance. As the months and years wore on, I became increasingly acclimated with conflict at the state, local, and federal levels. I managed to clean up my act by the time I was an undergraduate at the University of Bologna. Following the completion of my postdoctoral dissertation, I decided to join the Carabinieri. Working for Italy’s state military police was a revelation for me. Upon retiring, I decided to take private Kung Fu lessons from none other than Bruce Lee himself. He instructed me eight hours daily every single day for a good two decades or so. From then on, I have made it my lifelong goal to impart those teachings onto humanity, because I am General M. Bison!

Abigail the Antihero

Abigail Antonio Abbastanza was born in Bronx, NY. He grew up to become a streetwise sage and his charisma won him ambivalence from the NYPD. He involved himself in a number of criminal exploits, catching a case here and there. By the time he was seventeen, Abigail was able to benchpress six hundred and fifty pounds, without ever utilizing anabolic steroids or similar chemical assistance.
By the time Abigail reached his fortieth birthday, he had already become a notorious career criminal who allied himself with certain Italian American rackets. Within the ten years that followed, Abigail Antonio Abbastanza completely turned his life around by becoming the UFC heavyweight champion, defending his title against dozens of would-be victors.

Johnny J. Giaccobe

John James Jacobs, born Giovanni Giacomo Giaccobe, was the only [illegitimate] progeny of Mr. Abigail Abbastanza. To make a rather long-winded and verbose story short, Johnny G. managed to surpass the KO record(s) set by Michael Gerard Tyson.

Anthony Joseph Cannata

Anthony Joseph Cannata is an intermediate level martial artist who actually exists for the secondary purpose of writing stories like the preceding.

I don’t even know what this is.

It is a blend of fiction and non-fiction, spliced with the fandom of Capcom’s Street Fighter series