Luxor Alarm

Anyone stayed at the Luxor last night? I heard an alarm at 4 AM and was wondering if you heard it as well and if so does anyone know what happened?

I’d like to know this, too. Shit riled me up I almost shat myself.

I went outside my room to see what was going on and I didn’t see anyone evacuating.

Probably some jerk pulled the fire alarm or some shit. I plan to ask tomorrow when I check out. Hope to get a discount or something.

I would be surprised if it was an Infiltration hater or Armada fan that did it.

There was on a couple of days before that at Rita Suites. Just throwing that out there in case they’re connected.

I don’t know where that was located. What time did it happen?

They’re pretty far apart.

I couldn’t get any info when I checked out. I’m just gonna go with someone was acting the asshole and because of that the whole fucking hotel was woken up.

There had been complaints about that hotel due to the alarm. It needs to be fixed otherwise I plan on skipping that place. The only good thing about that hotel is it’s an easy walk for me from the hotel to Mandalay Bay for the Finals and I don’t have to deal with the heat there.

I’ve stayed at Luxor several times and this is the first time that alarm has ever gone off.