Lucky's Ranking Battle Final and August Tournament - Greensboro, NC - 8.23.2008

Fun times everyone and good matches all. Good shit everybody! I accidentally left the brackets at Lucky’s, but everything should be correct for top 3. I’ll try to get the scans from him this week and update through top 5 and the ranking battle points.

Third Strike

  1. Cajunstrike
  2. JiBbo
  3. Loborine

Third Strike Ranking Battle

  2. Cajunstrike
  3. JiBbo

Guilty Gear AC

  1. Beast of Fire
  2. Cajunstrike
  3. Villainous

GGAC Ranking Battle

  1. Beast of Fire
  2. Cajunstrike
  3. purifyweirdsoul


  1. SieClayton
  2. Tenki Sensei
  3. Cajunstrike


  1. Beast of Fire
  2. VIllainous
  3. Arstal


  1. Arstal
  2. Beast of Fire
  3. purifyweirdsoul

Thanks for coming out everyone. I’ll try to get the next tournament date posted soon. Peace.

1st post. I didn’t even come.

Good shit to Loborine, Jibbs and Cajun. Passionate 3S players FTW. Ya’ll need to come up to our big 3S team tournament in September. I’m too lazy to go to NC. I know I suck.

I’m also a fucking idiot. :biglulz:

I got 3rd in the ranbat. Good games everybody. NC too strong.

Fixed it. We’ll keep leveling up JiBbs. My Ken got better after that session we played Friday. Good shit man.

As the only VA player who went (at the last minute), I say thanks to the NC crew for a good time. Jibbo is my yang hero, javier is too funny, lobo, face ect. You guys crack me up.

GGs Roski. No problem on the backets dude, I know you’re doing matches all over the place. Next I see you, we can work on that yun match-up some more and I’ll probably buy you a drink as well.

I read that something went down in 98UM, what happened?

[quote=JiBbo;5475572 NC too strong.[/quote]


lol fun times

Korean food is too strong!

how many entries for SC4? sorry I couldn’t make it folks, good shit though Jon, Blake, arstal…Phil I was expecting your Cerv to be up there. I’ll show you some shit next time I get to a tournament. Tira rape to be continued…at another venue.

I got 4th in the ranbat and HardBread got 4th in the 3S tournament and Javier and I tied for 5th.

Good games to everyone. I’m a bit disappointed with where I finished when I thought I was playing really well at the start of the day. Oh well, back to practicing. Bul Go Gi ftmfw. Also, good shit to people chilling in the parking lot until 2 AM or whatever.

Phil should have gotten 3rd. I barely got by him. He’s quite good at it. So used to online scrub Cerv that I was thrown off by intelligent Cerv.

I have no clue how to fight Raph, particularly with Mina.

NC 3s is pretty solid…im glad to have people to play against while im here for school…i wasnt satisfied with the way i played and i dont feel as though i represented for cf as well as i should have…4th place is cool and all, but i almost feel like i got there awkwardly…i’ll surely have my stick next tourney/get together, and i will train hard…sorry i didnt get to enter GG…i’ll bring more cash next time.

Good shit man! Thanks for coming out. :woot: What school are you going to?

I attend school at NC A&T…i’ll try to come to every gathering i can afford to.

I got 3rd in GG ranbat.

We didn’t know it was supposed to be one match, though, so me and Jon kept playing after I won. I think he would have probably taken the set if we had finished it, but we didn’t anyway

4th place Yeah I need more knowledge and experience, I’m still loving the game though.

So when the next tournament?

I’m thinking October 4th. I’ll have everything finalized soon.

Brent, I got you fixed.

Hardbread: Nice to meet you and good matches. If you want to come through for some gatherings (however impromptu they may be), just let me know.

sure, i’ll check the NC threads periodically, and if u don’t mind, it would be cool if you could pm me or message me when you guys have a gathering.

Yeah, definitely man.

Javier…I’m kind of pissed you never thanked me for saving your life. :rofl: