Lucky's Ranking Battle 2.3 + New Games! - Greensboro, NC - SUNDAY 06.29.2008

SUNDAY, June 29th, 2008
Registration/Money Matches/Casuals begin at 1:00PM. Tournaments start at 3:00PM.

Lucky’s Card Shop
3929 High Point Rd
Greensboro, NC, 27407
Lucky’s on Google Maps

Venue Fee: $5

Upcoming Events:
07.12.2008 - Ranking Battle
**07.26.2008 **- Tournament + Ranking Battle
08.02.2008 - Ranking Battle
08.23.2008 - Tournament + Ranking Battle



[$2] [Single Elimination] [Single Character] [Finals 2/3] [Winner Take All] **
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Guilty Gear Accent Core

1st - 10 / 2nd - 7 / 3rd - 5 / 4th - 3 / 5th - 1


[$5] [Double Elimination] [Finals 3/5] [Grand Finals 4/7] [70/20/10] **
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Guilty Gear Accent Core

NEW ADDITIONS!!! (Pending Availability)

[$2] [Double Elimination] [Finals 3/5] [Grand Finals 4/7] [WINNER TAKE ALL]


Get HYPE for BASARA X and KOFUM (…hopefully)!!! Tournaments 3 days after release!! Modded PS2s please.

The dates for the upcoming Ranking Battles and Tournaments are above. Request off! This should give some room/time for Shiki to plan something in Charlotte as well.

See everyone there. :nunchuck:

I’m So Fucking There Woooooooooooooo

Dood Nise I Might Can Make It…

I’ll be there

all the charlotte cats need to ban together with gas and car pool its a killa goin dolo… ill chip in a reasonable amount with somebody from the qc if they goin, until then ill be on the sticks in training mode w/ alehandro

Yo good to hear. I’ll have it up soon. I want to let this one roll for a bit so we don’t have 3 Lucky’s threads up at once. :razzy:

I’m game.

You talking about Knuckledust? he aint NEW no more

but I’ll take in any new guy lol :badboy:

Everybody enter Basara X 3 days out anybody can when that.

Well in that case… im calling out Tom-Tom out for a 10 dollar money match…first to five:karate:

seeing that i already owe you 10 dollars if i win, were even, if not ill owe you 20:sweat:

Suckas gots to know that the Steak N Shake in GSO makes people sick. At least it made me sick, and I don’t get sick from food easily unless it’s coconut.

One request for down the road- should UM be added to the list of ranbat games when it comes out? That game should be hype with the oldschoolers we have around.

Let’s do it son:rock:

OMGash… GET SERIOUSE :nunchuck:

I will do all money matches $10 or under. Lets get some hype. :bgrin:

I think Lobo vs Tom is *close…*should be interesting.

5$ side bet on Tom. Any takers?

ALSO, I want a money match in CvS2 with Lobo! Just a dollar though… :lol:.

We’ll do edmondantes-style sets Alex.


YOU broke my heart fredo, you broke my heart…

if i have the money…ill take that side action as well…

OMG … get seroiouse…im hyped

and i accept your challenge in cvs LOL

Did you just concede to me? :wgrin:

All I know is I’m gonna be playing more than just Yang at this tournament. Gotta keep things fresh and interesting ya know…


We should just call him “the guy” from now on.

DP: I’ll take Lobo for $5 against “the guy.”

lol you are WEAK

I’ll be there. Damn I need some 3rd practice.