Lucky's Onslaught – feat. EMPIRE ARCADIA- Greensboro, NC - 02/19/2011

Thanks for coming everyone!!! And Thanks to Empire Arcadia for coming down and participating as well!!
Super Street Fighter IV

1 EMP Jago
2 EMP Evil Rahsaan
3 Duncan “Mister K” T
4 Alex Roski
5 James “PacStrife” Alderman
5 Tactiks
7 Patrick “sk8” R
7 Dominique “AceUnlimited” McCowin
9 Quinton “Xiomar Fox” Gray
9 DarkLight
9 Matt “Frank The Tank” Frank
9 William “Corner-Trap” Pass
13 Willie
13 Saisyu Kusanagi
13 Jimmy “gamewizard” Tran
13 OJ White
17 Jon “xSAMURAIx” Layton
17 Brad Benson
17 Sam Tuza
17 Scott “scotte” E
17 Hector “P-Money” P
17 Chris “FNEX Prodigy” Price
17 Brett “HKN” G
17 Raf Garcia
25 Alfonso E
25 Justin
25 Dyron “Chrome”
25 Demorris “Demo”
25 David Miller
25 Conrad “conrizzle” I
25 David “Azn_boy” N
25 Tyrell “basic_complex” Morris
33 East
33 EMP Remix
33 Garrett “BZB” Hills
33 Tony
33 Jamal MD
33 Van “Tricky” S
33 Miguel “loborine” Angel Muniz

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
1 EMP Remix
2 EMP Evil Rahsaan
3 EMP Jago
4 OJ White
5 Garrett “BZB” Hills
5 Alex Roski
7 DarkLight
7 William “Corner-Trap” Pass
9 James Robertson
9 Van “Tricky” S
9 Duncan “Mister K” T
9 Raf Garcia
13 Scott “scotte” E
13 Conrad “conrizzle” I
13 Jon “xSAMURAIx” Layton
13 Matt “Frank The Tank” Frank
17 Demorris "Demo"
17 Sean Cosby
17 East
17 Crono
17 Keith “seasofcheese” Shusterman
17 Jimmy “Smurvis” Hines
17 Chris “FNEX Prodigy” Price
17 Max “niddhoggr” King-Wilson
25 David Miller
25 313
25 Justin “GhibliCat” Anselmo
25 P-Soul
25 Kris “testament101” Kelley
25 James “PacStrife” Alderman

Blazblue: Continuum Shift
1 Austin “Zoogstin” Wright
2 Blake “TitaniumBeast!” Mansour
3 Josh Mcneil
4 Richard Chen
5 Brett “HKN” G
5 Sean Cosby

Arcana Heart 3
1 Forte Stollen
2 EMP Jago
3 Matt “Frank The Tank” Frank
4 Doug “longshot”
5 Jon “xSAMURAIx” Layton
5 Seventh Fonon
7 Sam Tuza Greensboro, NC
7 Brett “HKN” G
9 DarkLight
9 Josh Mcneil

Street Fighter III: Third Strike
1 Miguel “loborine” Angel Muniz
2 Sean Cosby
3 Justin “GhibliCat” Anselmo
4 !(?_?)!
5 DarkLight
5 Keith “seasofcheese” Shusterman

Correction. 7th Fonon actually placed 4th in AH3. I never played Doug in tournament and I beat 7th before playing Matt in Loser Finals.

Anyways with that said…

-Good shit to Andre. Lame Clarice is LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. :expressionless:

-Good shit to 7th Fonon and leveling up the Tyr Schar.

-Good shit to Matt and 1080s.

-Good shit to Punishment Weiss touching people and them losing 70%.

-Good shit to me dropping the easiest Cathy specific combos in the tournament. Stay free.

There’s no telling what the correct placings (for 4th and below, at least) should be, since I somehow got DQ’d while waiting for Jon to show at the tv to play my first Loser’s Bracket match.

I had another great time at lucky’s. Good Games to everyone I played in tourney and it was great meeting a lot of new people this time. I’m not sure if I told a lot of people my screen name, but this is James, aka ken player who introduced himself before matches.

It was really great to play against Andre in the tournament. It shows me there is still much more I can improve on in super. Also, all the EMP guys were super nice. Thanks a lot for coming down.

GS to everyone at the tournament. It was cool see everyone again and meeting the EMP guys. Good shit Xrii for organizing this event and to P-money for bringing the guests through! I had a lot of fun.

I’ll either see yall cats again next weekend or at FR. Peace.

had a great time guys!
thanks andre for the casual sf4 matches!

OK Jimmy aka GameWizard I see you Bro Bro

SHOUT outs to HECTOR!!! aka P$money this guy is to godlike.

Oh yeah i will be making another shout outs posts im just pressed for time right now.

But some honorable mentions will be East and Roski !

Shout outs to everyone who made it. This lucky’s was a blast. Good shit to P$money for gettin the EMP dudes here.

Shout outs to Andre for the SSF4 advice, and being pretty damn chill.
Shout outs to Nelson for that MvC3 rush down ass whippin. That magneto is god-like.

Matt Frank I am disappointed in you for missing your 2nd X-factor cancel and only getting 5 million damage with deadpool’s infinite.

Roski, next Lucky’s we will play.

Oh yeah, and shout outs to bums, teeth, and “beaten all dem demons in dem vidya gemms.”

Is EMP coming to Final Round?

ggs to everone i played, and good seeing everyone.

Lobo lets run that back san! Im a lil salty on that $ match but good shit to everyone coming out good turn out. Havent seen a turn out like this in a minute.

Team Titans! Yall already know my niggas! Huggy keep slappn them bills like a true playa 4 real lol. Nelson yo keep making niggas free on that new crack mi pana! Andre I think u sat most off the time when u where in NC lol #2 is not ur lucky #!

Hope everyone enjoyed Luckys tourney this time around u never know who my come through next! Definitely getting in this promoter thang…we might even see a major in the mix here but still in the works.

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you got it man