Lucky's October Tournament - 10.11.2008 - Greensboro, NC

Saturday, October 11th, 2008
Registration begins at 1:00PM. Tournaments start at 2:00PM.

3929 High Point Rd
Greensboro, NC, 27407
Lucky’s on Google Maps

Venue Fee: $5



[$10] [Double Elimination] [Finals 3/5] [Grand Finals 4/7] [70/20/10]
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Guilty Gear Accent Core
Soul Calibur IV
Capcom vs. SNK 2 [all finals 3/5]

[$5] [Double Elimination] [All Finals 3/5] [70/20/10]
King of Fighters 98: Ultimate Match
***To be determined from poll

[$2] [Double Elimination] [All Finals 2/3] [Winner Take All]
Random Team 3rd Strike [seeded anchors, 2v2 or 3v3 depending on interest]


***The game with the most votes from the poll will be played. Whatever wins must have at least 8 entries for a tournament. Please only vote if you definitely plan to show and support. I’ll probably keep doing this if all goes well and people actually show and enter.

We will need someone to provide the PS3 and SC4. The first one through the door gets in free. If you usually use a converter also be sure to bring that along. Much thanks. Modded PS2s also appreciated as usual.

If we have time, anyone feel free to organize a GGAC team tournament. There will be a lot going on so the start time will be enforced (make sure to let me know if you’re running late so that you can be added to the brackets). See everyone there.

im there :slight_smile:

who’s going to represent NC at VA this mont?

I’ll be there for this one. I voted for Melty Blood. And if that wins, I can provide the setup and Pelican converters and shit.

Good shit. I voted for Coliseum. :sweat:

um yea…might go to this…

My official vote went for Arcana, but I’ll play everything on that list except for one game. Three guesses as to which one that is.

I’m running GG teams. No question.

I’m there. Voted for Vampire Savior cuz we haven’t played it in a while and it’s the most fun game on that list to me.

Hmm MB or AH?

When does the next ranking battle begin. Did I miss the results of the last one?

I may start the ranbats back up after NEC. I still would have to get the brackets from Lucky’s for the full results, but this should be the top 3:

Third Strike:

  1. Cajunstrike
  2. JiBbo
  3. Commonsense

Guilty Gear:

  1. Beast of Fire
  2. Cajunstrike
  3. Matt Frank

Hey if you’re not going to the tournament, please don’t vote guys.

I’ll probably vote for Arcana Heart. That said, I would like to get some casuals or something for NGBC in since I guess we’ll be playing that again at NEC. If we did have Coliseum, would it be some kind of special event thing or a straight up tourney?

I tried to make the poll public so everyone could see who was bullshitting come tournament time, but my check box failed apparently. It would be really wack if the winning game didn’t have enough for a tourney…

So yes please only vote if you plan on being there.

Brent: The next tournament will be November 15th, and if NEC looks like it’ll have a solid NGBC turnout, then we’ll probably run it straight up then.

It is a rare occurrence when I agree w/ homosexuals, but Blake is right.

Vampire is the shit!

continuing w/ the trend of ruining the point of an ANONYMOUS poll:

I voted for Tobal No. 1, cuz I gets money!!

Wish I could change my vote, voted for Coliseum, but would rather play VS over A3 if Coliseum didn’t make it.

Aww man, I might get to play my V-Cody in tournament!!

I voted for that Tekken DR. Sure did. :wink:

I thought polls were supposed to be anonymous.

EDIT: oops, now I see it not


sc4 baby im in… i voted for a3 also. if i can get a ride that is, if anyone is coming from greenville going 64 west let me kno im here at ncwc in rocky mount.

i got a question too is boxer banned in a3 tournaments???


I’ll let you know on the ride, although I usually have a full car.