Lubrication and opening

Hey guys,
I have a sanwa JLF and a Hayabusa joystick that I need to lubricate. I know how to do it on the sanwa joystick, but don’t know how to disassemble the Hayabusa (maybe someone here can tell me if it’s the same. Plus I can’t find a YouTube video on it ).
As for lubrication, I know silicone grease is the best option, but because of where I live, I can’t really buy the silicone grease off of focus attack (or anywhere else for that matter).
I haven’t been able to find any brands of silicone grease locally, so I wanted to ask what the best alternatives would be, and if they might have any adverse side effects.
Thanks a lot guys.

Hayabusa should be mostly the same. Pop off the e-clip, remove the shaft, clean the shaft, pivot and pivot housing, apply lube, put everything back together. Taking off the restrictor gate might make things easier, in which case you’d unscrew the four screws on the bottom of the unit and pull the gate off.

Hey thanks a lot, that’s gonna be a great help, but what do I use as a lube if I can’t find any silicone grease?

Really thougt this thread was gonna be something else.

Agreed, my bad XD

Where exactly do you live?
Like, I mean, you don’t live in Afghanistan or Syria or something, do you?
You DO have access to Amazon, right?

Here’s the problem. Yes there are “Alternatives”, but you either have to deal with something unsafe for plastic, unsafe for human hands, or something that has too much viscosity.
Example: “Radio Shack Lube Gel” is 100% safe and works, but it’s simply too thick. If you use too little, it doesn’t do anything. But if you use more than too little, it interferes with joystick response. That’s the price you pay.
It’s similar in viscosity to vasoline, except vasoline is NOT safe to use, period.

Anyway I suggest you start busting your butt and working out a way to get some G-30M. Regardless of how “Impossible” it is to get, it’s a ONE TIME EXPENSE. a Tube of this stuff will last you a lifetime, unless you have a job which requires daily use of this stuff.

This is the stuff you want.

The stuff that comes on the joysticks is G-40M, but G-40M is virtually impossible to obtain compared to G-30M. The focusattack tube is G-40M. G-30M is sold at some Honda dealerships, as it’s used on lubricating car parts, which is why it’s more easy to attain through other places. They perform the exact same. The difference is mostly application temperature range; G-30M is better for cooler environments than G-40M (we’re talking about machine temps here, not room temps). On joysticks, there is no performance difference. G-40m may last longer per application than G-30m but that’s a small detail. Sanwa themselves said G-30M is fine to use on their parts.

Work on how you can get a tube from one of the links (there are others, too) or have someone buy you one and them ship it to you. Unless you’re in North Korea or something, I don’t want any excuses on “it’s impossible to get this stuff.”

First off, thanks a bunch for such a detailed answer. I live in Pakistan, so no, unfortunately I don’t have access to Amazon. If I do order it, the shipping costs alone exceed $50, which is just not right (Not to mention if it’ll even get here). I’ll have to go with one of two options, either find it here, or ask someone to ship it to me (which is probably gonna get really expensive).
The alternatives do sound like a trade-off in quality, you’re right, G-30M is the only option.
Thanks again, great help.

Edit: AliExpress has relatively low shipping costs, I’ll try to find it there too.

Edit 2: AliExpress has many Shinetsu products, but no G-30M.
But I did find this, not sure about it.

ORIGINAL G300 Fuser film Grease Oil Silicone Grease 50g for HP P1505 M1522 P4250 P3015 4200 4345 2200 P3005 5200 M5025 5100 5000
(from AliExpress Android)

Don’t buy that stuff. You have to be careful because many of those greases are made for METAL BEARINGS And are NOT safe for plastics!
It’s possible you might get something that works just as good, and if you do, great…but don’t risk joystick parts on chemicals you have no knowledge about.
If you are a chemistry major or something similar, then you have a better idea of what’s similar to the Shin Etsu stuff.

All I’m saying is you had better know what is in that stuff, like, every chemical and what it does, before buying something unknown.

Also, you can NOT “search” for G-30M on amazon like that If you enter “G-30M” or even “Shin Etsu G-30M” on Amazon, you get ZERO results.
It’s called “Shin Etsu silicone grease” and then you have to look at the product label itself and read the description, and then you see “G-30M” in the code bar. Same with G-40M.
Yes google results can give you those products, but…yeah.

That’s how it gets its name.

Also Shin Etsu makes MANY types of Silicone grease. Some of that stuff is some wild stuff and isn’t made for joysticks and isn’t safe for them. Just because it says Shin Etsu doesn’t mean it’s suitable for our needs. Shin Etsu even makes thermal compound for CPU cooling!

I Understand the shipping costs are high, but THIS IS A ONE TIME expense. You buy a tube–you’re set for life regardless of how many joysticks you buy in the future (Just don’t lose or damage the tube).
It is unfortunate that you have to live in a country like Pakistan, but hey, now you have another goal you can shoot for in the future. For gaming fans, moving, even getting student Visas and working through the system, to some place like Japan, UK, Australia, Canada, USA, whatever, may wind up being worth it. It’s not easy to maintain a 1st world lifestyle in a third world country. Especially in places where people might get stoned or beheaded for making the wrong people upset (Yes I’m aware there are modern areas that don’t have these problems, but still…you know exactly what I mean).

I got what you meant, and I’ll be careful and not go for these unknown brands. And I did see that there were way too many types Shin Etsu had.
And as for Pakistan, it’s not all that bad actually, importing is the only real issue I’m facing, dont wanna go off track, but I’ve been here for 20 years, and I’ve never heard of people getting beheaded, that’s probably just a rumour that’s spread all over the world. I can literally go to every area in Pakistan and I’ll find people that have the same lifestyle as me and not come across any “dangerous extremists”, yes there are stupid people here, but I think stupid people are everywhere on the planet, they’re the same breed :smile:
Anyway, thanks again for all the advice, I’ll go for G-30M (will find some Honda dealership).