Lube or Grease for Sanwa Pivot

at first I am sorry if someone posted something similar. I would like to ask, if you tried some other Lube or grease than suggested Shin zu, which costs almost as a whole stick… I have read tips about using grease used for airsoft/paintball weapons. And I have found some. I wanted to ask, if is better lube oil or the grease. Thanks for answers.

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Personally I’d say a nice silicone lube, I grease my bike chains with it, I grease my rubiks cube with it, I grease up locks with it, so sticks shouldn’t be an issue.

Read the post from Nite Walker’s Link. It will explain everything.

But long story short use a dry (as in no water) silicone grease. Never use petroleum products as they will degrade plastics.

Best options are Dow Molycoat 44 or Shin Etsu G40-M

Dow Molycoat 44 works the best in my opinion. If you don’t want to spend $25 @ lizardlick for a large tube, you can buy a small 1oz. on ebay for $5:

Thanks for the link! :smiley:
I almost pulled the trigger on the tube at lizard lick.

How does it compare to the shinetsu?

Both are very pure silicone greases with near identical specifications.

You can get 100g (3.5oz~) of Shin Etsu grease for 17 dollars or 28.35g (1 oz~) of Dow Molycoat for 7 dollars on eBay. I guess it depends on how much you need.

The 2 greases have the same mil-specs. The both do the job well. Both are used in some automotive break assemblies, Although Honda dealerships prefer the Shin Etsu, a lot of independent shops use Molycoat; most mechanics tell me ether grease works equally as well and they use what they can get a hold of easier.

I just noticed something looking at the seller’s auctions; they have light and medium molykoat; medium is the one LL sells, so that’s the one I went for. Medium is also the one in the pic eJaY posted, but the auction leads to light. Not sure of the difference, just an FYI.

And thanks for the detailed info Darksakul.

There different types to both greases as well. I forgot to mention that, like nitewalker said light, medium or heavy.

i can’t remember where i read this, but I think seimitsu uses dow molykote.44

Hello I ordered G30-M from a Honda dealership is this silicone grease good enough for long term lubrication of pivot. Thanks in advance VC

IIRC, in the thread I linked to above the G30-M was confirmed by sanwa to work fine.

Thanks for that info should have been more thorough, awesome good buy then.


I am surprised you were able to do so, Most dealerships will not directly sell Shin Etsu to customers, the reserve the stuff for there mechanics to use.

I do want to comment not all silicone greases are lubricants; avoid any grease that is made for electrical or thermal connections, anything that is labeled as a dielectric as it is corrosive and PC thermal paste as it will act like a glue, I found a Shin Etsu CPU thermal paste.

Do not confuse thermal connections with high temp tolerance on the Dow Molycoat 44 or Shin Etsu G40.

Yeah I use permatex dielectric tune up grease to lube the rubber seal on my gshock. Different stuff.

Maybe I got lucky on this order also this Shin Etsu G30-M silicone grease, it is rated for low temp. as G40-M is rated to handle high temp. better and sanwa stated G30-M can be used over G40-M no problem, stated by NiteWalker’s link from later post. Thanks for this info Darksakul, but if im wrong let me know I only ordered to grease up pivot area of joystick.

Got my order in two days ago works fine, I think the Shin Etsu tube will still have grease and and my grand kids will use same tube in future Lol. One tube will last more then a life time.