LTB Evo Stick Sack

couldnt grab one from the website so im hoping someone here has an extra one that they are willing to sell ^^

No one has one up for sale?

I’m interested too if a second comes along

If I had a second I’d sell it, but since I only have one I’d want someone’s second born son for this bad boy.

I tried to buy 1 a few days ago N it was sold out

damn >->, i would just use my bag but it would bounce around in it and cause damage so i wanted one of these to securely bring it around.

I have one to sell for 30.00 shipped after Aug. 6th. That’s my 6 month date so if you’re still looking then, let me know.

Evo bag

I want one so bad. I keep using my backpack and it scratches my sticks

By the way, Bill Hicks was the man…

Yeah, may he RIP. It’s a shame that he’s gone. The man was a genius. His bits about the L.A. riots were absolutely classic.

nopt sure what you mean by 6 month date thing but i will be glad to buy it off you for 30, its right after my bday so ill have the cash deffinitly.

Well you can’t really sell anything until you’ve been a member for 6 months. I have about 2 weeks to go until I hit that mark.

I’ve got a couple EVO bags if anybody is interested cuz I need the money more than the bags right now. It cost me $27 shipped for one, and I don’t wanna lose any money, so add $5 for shipping, $32 shipped if you’re interested, I can ship out tomorrow, Friday morning. No disrespect to Mr. Wizard, not trying to price gouge or anything like that, just wanna get my money back, let me know if this is in bad form and I will cease and desist.

I will take one of those bags for sure! Let me know where to paypal and I can send payment immediately.


Shoot me a PM, I think I’ve sold all of mine, I might have 1 left, ionno if I wanna keep that one or if I’m still hurtin for cash

If you have any extras let me know!

ohhhh, ok. On the 6th, pm me so i know your on and we’ll make the deal official.

I think all my bags are pending sales right now, I gotta wait for the proverbial dust to settle and I’ll let you guys know what fell through and what’s still left. In the order of post times, looks like Trexid is next in line, followed by Accel Core. Ofcourse the OP starter, chouji, has first dibs if he so chooses. I’ll be awaiting payments for shipments I’m sending out first thing tomorrow morning, if I don’t receive payments before I go to the post office tomorrow morning, I’ll be moving on down the list

Alrighty, I hope I get lucky tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up!

truckasaurus i had pm u earlier before other guys did, op he gets dibs first. let me know if im in or not. thanks