LS-56 Pivot "grinding Problem"


since the pivot grind a bit i would like to know if anyone tried to put some Grease on it and if it was a good/bad idea^^

thanks in advantage

they are already greased. When they say grind it’s not a bad grind it’s just not as fluid as a jlf. I wouldent describe it as grinding, it’s more of a slight resistance. Like the difference between a bearing and a lubed surface.

mhm thanks im so inpacient i ordert one and will get it soon too feel it myself but after ordering im reading and reading about it to waste the time faster till it comeg

You should be happy with it. I used 1 for like 2 years untill hdremix came out then I switched to a jlf. They are my favorite seimitsu stick & the best stick if you want an octogonal gate.

thats wath i want nice to hear im using a JLF but since i HATE chargers(i want my moves when they are ready and not when they are charged…) and mostly play Zangief… the Octo on the JLF make a hughe throw even with ultimate mod from akiba; and the throw for the :uf: is diffrent to the throw :u: thats annoying too…

I see what your looking for, & from personal experience you are gonna love the octo ls56. I had tv same complaints about the jlf at first so I bought every stick on the planet till I found the 56. Qcf’s are pure butter, the engage and throw are much shorter, & almost equal distant. When the switch activates you are at the gate it’s great. But since remix I have moved onto the JLF. Seems like we should have had this 2 way conversation through PM instaed of a thread.