Ls-32 to ls-32-01

so i have a bunch of ls-32’s laying around and i was wondering if i could just buy the pcbs and the harness in order to convert them to ls-32-01s. Is there anymore to this?


you can just use .187 qd to wires, then converge all the grounds to 1 wire
why do you need a harness?, it’s the same difference



Oh i just thought since you had to get the harness when you buy the ls-32-01 that i would need it

you can’t add the pcb without grinding off the little round tabs that protrude out on the metal plate that retains the micro switches. the tabs interfere with the pcb on the 32-01.

Those little semi-circles right?

And MistaWayne, buying the PCB will only get you that.
You have to buy the Microswitches to solder onto also.

yea, the semi circles need to be removed.

Oh I see now. Well i guess i can make due with hacksparrow’s suggestion, it seems like to much of a hassle to go the pcb route. thanks everyone.

i dont know if you can see this but this is laugh’s cable. the grey wires are for ground, the black are for signal

and do something like this for ls-32. the red are for signal and the white for ground

this is original link

That is a funny mod.

I have no idea why i didnt even think of that

i know this is noob question, but which one of these is the one that can be put in a TE fight stick?


that mod soldering the micro switches to the other pcb is… ummm… an interesting bit of engineering.

i just wanted to show daisy of ground. it was the first good pic i could find. didnt really want to show the weird extra microswitch thing LoL. it took me a bit to understand how he will connect to main pcb. when i first looked, it was like the joystick connected to tpma and that was it!!, i was like how does this guy interface with main pcb? i got it 5 minutes later