LR off Tag-in W/O Assists Midscreen

Yea, I’m playing Mags/Sent/Tron and am doing a juggle combo involving mags w/ sent ground assist which leads into tron’s tagin.

Since my assist is used up in the combo, i was just wondering if anyone out there knows how to combo a LR off a tagin midscreen w/o using any assists?

I’ve tried a whole bunch of combinations but i just can’t get it to connect.

I’m thinking of possibly going into an aircombo off the tag-in, but even still, it would only link to LR in the corner :frowning:

Am I a lost cause here? If so, that sucks.

eh … (OTG or juggle) XX Lunch Rush should work

mind posting the juggle combo that allows a tag-in? :slight_smile:

you’ll just have to time it so that you do the lunch rush and they fall on it. like canceling into it afte a connected LS ac. just timeing.

No no…you guys aren’t listening…

The LR DOESN’T combo off of normals, I’ve tried them in every possible combination. They fall early (since it’s a juggle, they recover sooner) and recover halfway through the LunchRush.

As for the combo, I could post it, but I was really hoping to save it for the mags/sent/tron section of my hopefully to be made combo vid. It’s a POS combo but if done into the corner is hella nasty.

So I guess I can post it, I’ll just put it in there too.

mags/sent/tron or mags/tron/sent (mags proj,sent ground,tron proj) + sent ground, c.fp,, ad d/f,,, land (drones juggle), dash in xx tron tagin, dash in xx LunchRush

OR, if you can do the slide infinite, there is this setup w/o using the drones to juggle…, xx sj ad d whiff lk, land,, xx tron tagin, dash in + sent ground xx LunchRush

The 2nd combo works anywhere on screen and as far as I know, Sent’s drones is the only assist that allows a lunchrush to combo off a tagin. I haven’t tested it out too much w/ other assists, but the drones hit just low enough to keep them off the ground, but don’t OTG and the LR picks up the hitstun. Plus it’s Drones, so you’re adding hella damage.

Mags/Sent/Tron is tpp gppd!

Edit: Oh yea, blitz_, I’ve tried that as well. Same results. Unless I’m missing something and you’ve done it before?

Yea, just for knowledge. New username, new handle, new e-mail. New pretty much everything. ShiN WildcaT is here to wreak havoc. Or atleast learn how to combo LR off a midscreen tagin w/ no assists… :confused:

From what it sounds like, you could always King Kobun instead… I’ve had the same trouble when I OTG into the Lunch Rush. If I had some free time, I’d try and figure something out… It actually works about half a screen away from the corner. The things that I would try for this are: Hit with two hits of the if you’re in close, and go into the… the fire should lift them enough that they don’t fall as quickly, so you have a better chance to connect it. It’s still a guess… You’d have to be close enough that the fire doesn’t push them out of range.

If you did go with the King Kobun, you might be able to cancel it into the Sentinel Punches Super… Then smack them down with him before eventually getting back to the rest of your team.

i tried out a number of different possiblities as far as hieght and spacing the combo…

it doesnt work like you would think it should.

they bounce off of it too high and only get hit by about the last … 1/3 or so.

but i did find if you tag in sent then catch them with plasma storm, then cancel to lr it works but its real picky.

sorry thats the best i could come up with for now.

my stick is fucked so i was on a dpad and im no good.