lp denpa!!!

I was playing vs some people the other day and I started using a move I rarely use: lp denpa. All of us Necro players know quite well that Necro’s priority is near non-existant with the exception of this move. So, I wanted to test its ability to beat out other moves. I knew that it clashed with ken’s lp shoryuken, so at best it should have the same level of priority as lp shoryuken. So with that in mind I attempted to beat out some things with it. I found out that it can beat out a few things from Ken:

s. mk, s. hk, s. mp

The one that surprised me the most was s. hk, because that is one of my most feared normals from him. So with that in mind, I wanted to do a little project: Assembling a list of what moves lp denpa can beat out. If you have any information or know any moves off the top of your head, I’ll post em a nd test em. Hopefully this thread can be useful to prospective players. Ciao!

c.mk also beats those moves

its best used as an anti air against really obvious jumps.

its too laggy on whiff to use to try to randomly beat out ground moves with consistency.

LP denpa would be much better if it wasn’t so punishable on block.
It does trade with a lot of stuff, but the problem is it does jack shit for damage so you end up trading in their favor unless you chain a s. FP afterwards. I only use it in that capacity if I really need a knockdown or if they’re near dead anyway.

Its rubbish to abuse as a poke, same concept as shoto cr.rh. Seems great, but anything with a pulse (assuming ure not playing on kaillera :slight_smile: ) will punish it soon enough.

really? iirc, only the fastest of supers can punish it on block, its not that laggy

The recovery is longer than it looks. It’s just hard to react to it constantly because he starts to recover pretty early into the animation. It’s -10 frames on block.

I’ve gotten pretty brave with it and I can beat out a lot of moves consistently with it. Especially on characters who use a lot of forward mobility when on the ground like Dudley. Throwing it out at a character’s space vs him tends to beat out a shitload of his moves, and it really frustrates them. At that point I just mindgame, so I dont think its pointless to use this more often.

Laggy my ass! Watch how Sugiyama uses the jab electric. He purposely wiffs it from max range so that he can do c.jab, electric snake when you stick something out to try and punish the wiff jab electric.

Whiffed denpa and blocked denpa are two different things. Uni did the same thing to Pyrolee by whiffing it to bait parries.

i can go on and on about how much it works time after time. sometimes ppl get smart and parry it, then i switch up to a mp.denpa and catch them with the second hit… i love abusing this over and over again.