Low tier gambit team

so I’m running gambit on projectile, marrow on projectile, and sonson on AA. low tier no tron can be fun to. Might do a low tier no tron video since all my videos have tron in them :rofl:

The team is pretty good. Its a 3 man low tier team with pretty good dhcs. You can either start gambit or marrow since both of them have safe supers on the way in.


with gambit on point there are some options you can take advantage of. Marrows projectile on hits crouchers so expect to deal with this a lot.

c.lk+marrow, c.mp, s.mk, cancel LP SRk.

This leaves you in a good spot for a 50\50 after a bnb. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a relaunch yet. Either side 50\50 and it looks like the opponent is unable to mash. typically, the lp srk just KD’s the opponent but since it hits with a pop up, the opponent gets juggled into marrow projectile.
c.fp, call marrow, SJ straight up early FP, hld fwd**

on a grounded opponent, you can end with … hld fwd, falling sj.fp, land, c.fp, SJ AC ender.

vs jump ins the angle changes so you have to op for… hld fwd, late LP card right before you land, land and c.fp. You can get ugly after the late LP card since you’re still in SJ state.

Both combos do about 50% life or more depending on the setup.

tick, marrow, FP throw.

Comboable with c.fp. Since the opponent has no reason to fear your overheads to an extent, you’ll be dealing with someone crouching. So if you don’t have an overhead, your mixup game has to probably include throws. Since this setup is comboable, its ideal IMO. Great life with some options.
option 1 after the launch**

launch, AC ending with RH hld dwn, FS happens, and when gambit appears on the screen, 2p. Since you’re already holding down, the game registers this as a 2nd dash while charging. From the first dash, you already have a charge stored up so the 2nd one is to put you in range for this crossup. 2nd dash, call sonson, u+k. He flies off the wall, sonson hits crossup.

now if it hits, gambit gets to go ambiguos c.fp since sonson puts them into the air. Then it leads to c.fp, call marrow, SJ straight up early FP, hld fwd


So with marrow on point, the team still has some good options.

c.lk+gambit, c.mp, s.fp is a block string+combo and you can follow it up for about 45% life bnb air combo.

marrow from full screen midscreen can tick throw into gambit card and combo but only from that distance. Her pressure game is good enough to actually get that range so it comes into play.

Been trying to get a rescoop OTG combo with launch, SJ, DJ cancel lk, sj.rh, then OTG RH. Can’t get it but it looks possible I think.:looney:

sonson does excellent block stun and if it hits assists, its very easy to qcb+pp on reaction and fuck the helper up.

Marrow has a link, sj.mp, link normals. Don’t know how widely known that is. Shes not super technical or gimmicky. A lot of in your face basic. Pressure, mixup with throw+assist, and bait helpers since shes rather fast and has an awesome super.

her SJ LP boomerang is probably a really good guard break. Gotta test that later.


so I’m running gambit on projectile, marrow on projectile, and sonson on AA. low tier no tron can be fun to. Might do a low tier no tron video since all my videos have tron in them :rofl:


Gambit is ill with tron. So much blockstun gives him free pigeon strikes and whatever the other flashkick with punch move is. He gets to punish assists safe and hard like almost no other low tier. c.rh+tron, kick super pwns assists. if gambit does land a prioritized overhead or c.lk+tron thats 90% or better dhcs if you got a good team put together. his s.fp xx trick card crap is good.

also, a side note but if you ever hit tron’s super and have gambit next, if you do his kick super you get a free mixup/snapback, and maybe even a trick card if you have just frame timing.

i just love his priority and deadliness…its cheap in the way of low tiers. also i love how his fp trick card cuts through super armor.

gambit/ryu or akuma aa/tron is just a pwnage ass team

i feel you on the 3 low tiers though…i developed one of those teams, mine was bison/cammy/hulk. yours sounds gangsta though~