Low block strings?

Does anybody know any low block strings that Ibuki has that are useful? Or even just block strings that start low. I want to put low block strings into my game so I dont get predictable with F+MK overhead.

And if you do have any, will they be character specific, situational, or screen specific?

Indeed, use that F-RH to throw them off from the overheads; works pretty well; replace the overhead with it after jump ins and short combos, and you’ll usually catch em in the face.

Or after the s.mk before the overhead do qcf-k to dash in then just throw or restart the little combo. (Watch aruka’s vids, he likes doing it)

whats the frames for a blocked F+HK? Sometimes i time it wrong and eat shit.

Don’t know the frames but it’s very safe on block, -1 or -2 probably. Not so safe on whiff so be careful vs characters that duck under it. Most of the time you can continue the offense

ask deviljin

grab more if they like to parry your highs. vs not ken or chun i like c.hk after ticks with c.lk. and vs tall crouchers i like c.hk xx s.hk. free!

IDK why the block string needs to start low, considering everyone just low blocks anyways

anyways, I’m sure you know that Ibuki’s target combos also work great as strings and are cancelable as well

stuff like c.LK, s.LK > s.MK > cancel into whatever, like her command dash and grab

or c.LK , s.LP > s.MP > HP, all of those moves cancelable

her s.HP is also cancelable and work well on block because of the option’s Ibuki has after being blocked

My favorite things to do are just

  • c.LK hcb+LP (combos, -5 on block, marginal pushback)

  • c.LK c.LP qcb+2K (combos, confirmable, -11 on block, large pushback)

And on characters that are tall even when they crouch

  • c.LK LP-MP-t+LK

t.LK on it’s own is -1 on hit/block but after the MP in the chain it’s +2 on block and +3 on hit, and the pushback is minimal.

c.lk b.mp hp ( You can also combo lp after hp and mk on crouching Hugo.)

c.lk c.mk

c.lk lp throw