Lovegety GGAC/AH/MBAC Tournament - Toronto,ON - 9/15/07

Yeah, I know, but yeah, I am taking a vacation before I got back to school. Maybe if this was a week earlier or something.

who wants to team up ?

nooo, without cheetah we lose 1 entry per game lol

I thought u were going to EVO dice

The convention is for 3 days! You can spare the saturday cuz I need mei-fang training. :bgrin:

:wonder: …time to crank secret Axl training up a notch :slight_smile:

Well the thing with CN is I already have the tickets and I specifically bought the Saturday ones already. I’ll see what I can do to move it to another day, maybe I’ll try and sell them off and buy new ones.

i see how it is eh? ditching the JS Master now… dis is how u treat someone who’s won u money in MAT 3s team tourney eh? :arazz:

I can’t team up with someone whos in shanghai now can I?

i can’t come…(again) will be out of the country by 17th

who is Yucorp?

To all Po users
this is the future

yucorp is john i think

if we push it to a week earlier, tim can join too lol
i just remembered hes leaving canada on 19th haha

looks like alot of players will be missing

err… i’m coming back aug 22nd, along with my new found GGXX skills :wgrin:

lets do it

Save replays of MBAC when you’re done guys!

Then hit up [OMGPLUG] so you can share with the rest of us~



So what the hell? Do people wanna reschedule it for Sept 1 or Aug 18? Or leave it as it is?

Will those who are gonna be out of town be back by Sept 1?

I’m out of town on the 18th.

I’ll be playing Madden though.

looks like 25 is not a good day for our community

missing players
18= Jay
25= cheatah, John, Tim, altergenesis
1 = post if u can’t come

if things get complicated, i think we will go for 25 as decided to prevent any trouble and arguement

I will be back in Mississauga on the 4th, unfortunately, just in time for school. =/ So, I don’t think I will be able to make any before school starts tournies. I would love the 17th of Friday, though. =P