Lounja's South Miami Blazblue Ranbats- Season 1 Begins August 9th!

Welcome to Lounga’s South Miami Blazblue Tournament!

Come prove yourself among players in the local scene and improve your game at Blazblue!

August - September Schedule (Each tournament is held on Sunday)

August 9th

August 23th

September 6th

September 20th

Walk-in registration begins at 12:00pm and ends at 2:00pm. Casuals will be held from 12:00pm - 2:00pm. Tournament will begin promptly at 2pm.

Lounja (Fit Life, Catering & Caf)
13405 SW 128th St, #211
Miami, Fl 33186
Office: (305) 971-9168

Florida Turnpike:

Drive south & exit left on 120th St (Exit 19)
Turn Right onto SW 120th St
Turn Left onto SW 137th Ave (Lindgren Road)
Turn Left onto SW 128th St
Turn Left onto 134th Ave (13405, Mint Green Commercial Buildings)

$10 Entrance Fee
$10 Tournament Fee

Important Notes:
You must bring your own controller/arcade stick (BYOC). We will also be using exclusively PS3s where applicable.

Game Rules:

PS3 System ONLY!
Best 2/3 matches, double elimination.
3 out of 5 winner finals/loser finals/grand finals
Unlimited Characters are not allowed.
Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.
Macro (A+B+C) for controllers are allowed.

**Personal Notes: **

The place itself is a really big spaced area with AC. They have several big screen tv’s with comfy bean bag chairs and fold out chairs. The hole in one is that they have a GIANT projector in the middle of the place where I plan to hold the ‘‘grand finals’’ for each tournament. It is a really nice place. They have other games/systems there too from shooters to fighters to all types of things.

The ‘‘owner’’ of the place Steven is just starting out his new business and I’m here to fully support him. If this bi-weekly tournaments could turn into something much bigger he would be able to give back to us (the community) in ways such as a new store, more equipment, and overall better support for us to enjoy our time there!

I really hope you guys come out and support your local Blazblue scene and the guys at Lounga! If we could get a big following coming through I think I could get some nice sponsership.

If this turns out to run well then in the future we could possibility hold more games and other such events.

Well lets get this show on the road!

Credit to Arcade Legends Ranking Battles
For me kinda stealing their setup :stuck_out_tongue:

Gamers policies

i think everyone likes the usual pot set up. $5 door/$5 tournament and pot gets split 70/20/10.

Then it wouldn’t be a ranbat and would just be a regular tournament.

I’m trying to create a scene for BB in Blazblue using ranbat style tournaments. I know here is alot of new competition out there who just starting fighting games or BB in general in miami and I want them to get together and make a scene.

Using a ranbat system is a great way because the local comp comes together in a bi weekly meeting of sorts and they rank each other based on their performance. Its a good motivational tool to strive to get better at the game if you wanna be ranked 1st and win the final prize.

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Final prizes added!

1st place- Blazblue Ps3/360 stick!
2nd- Calamity pack!
3rd- Free entrance to next ranbat!

Blazblue lolz!!!

It would still be a ranbats. Only thing is no prize awarded at the end.Rewards would be from winning that tournament. At the end you will still have a ranking for the players, and most ikely the first place ranbats winner won the most tournaments so he has the msot money won.

PS: Do SF4 =D

Or you could do 15$ (like most tournaments) and do 5$ door fee 5$ Pot fee for the tournament being held and 5$ to grand prize ranbats winner.

IMO, just do 10$ and have pot rewards, First place ranbats gets full season free for the upcoming ranbats season. Second place can get 2 and 3rd place 1. They only have to out it pot fees for each tournament they enter.

This helps from people feeling things may be shady. Since imagine if 20 people go to each ranbat. thats 200$ per tournament. 10$ goes to venue fee of 5$ and the other 100$ goes to the grand prize. at the ed there are 400$ and if people feel the rewards given out don’t amount to that they may feel duped.

And I jsut got an even better idea. Scratch the free entrees and pot rewards. that was dumb. Why not just get all the money that goes to the grand prizes and instad of forcing the winners to choose between an arcade stick, and second place getting something they probbaly may not want. Just do a 70/20/10 split of all the money gathered (not including the venue fees). Everyone is happy. Everyone is motivated to get top of ranbats. it turns into a pretty big pot since it is accumilated. I am pretty sure this would get you much better numbers.

Just my opinion. =)

Ook. IMo be active in the ftl thread…miami thread dnt play BB.

i could use a PS3 stick. unfortunately i just got my old job back and i work sundays and it’s pretty far for me. :frowning:

this is only gonna get like 10 entrants :expressionless:

  1. I play SF4 but i’m not great in it and I don’t think im going to get anywhere in it so I don’t want to support it all that much.

  2. There is already SF4 tournys happening. From willvolution tournaments to that new Final Round arcade they all host it.

  3. There isn’t a real scene for the game and i’d like to get a least a good group of people who play the game to become regulars and maybe even some scrubs to get good at the game and like me maybe even transitition to other games in the future.

Also if each person came to all 4 tournaments. They spend 40 dollar tops. 1st wins 5 TIMES the amount they originally put in because the stick costs 150-200 dollars. 2nd wins 60 dollars worth of prizes and 3rd gets a regular free entrace.

That does sound like a really cool idea and I’ll bring it up and if everyone likes the idea I’ll run it next ranbat season. But for now I’mma do this in prizes.

I already have 14 people comfirmed to come and 2 who are on a maybe. These people I talk to daily and spoke to most of them a day or two ago.

We just concluded our first tournament and it was a really fun one!

I spoke to everyone at the tournament and everyone wanted to change it to a normal 70/20/10 pot tournament and I agreed and everything went well! We had a total of 11 people show up.

Top 3

  1. Tony (Mystic Illusion)- Hakumen
  2. Brandy- Litchi
  3. Luisthepanda - Hakumen

Note worthy mentions

Mauricio and DFear had some pretty sick arakune and gave the entire crowd a sense of ‘‘Wtf thats broken as shit’’ feelings. Dfear placing 4th and Mauricio placing 7th.




I spoke with the owner of the venue and they are now charging a 10 dollar door fee and that is all done and well. 10 dollars is the usual min for alot of places.

But i wanna ask you guys in general. Do you want a 10 dollar pot fee or 5 dollar?

Giving this a quick bump!

This sunday another tournament! Hope to see more heads!