Im trying to main Akuma… I understand his BnB and when to teleport out of danger but thats it.
I know his moves (most of them) normals,combos, special moves,etc.
But idk HOW TO PLAY as akuma. -_- Sounds weird but I cant grasp his play style, I know u cant be wreckless because of his health and u have to take advantage of every opportunity u get to punish, but I just cant piece it all together.
I dont know how to get in to start my offense, how to get out of danger other than teleporting which gets picked up on & punished quickly, even when i try to play off my opponent they go random and get the win.
I dont know what Im doing wrong.

This didnt require a new thread, next time just post in the Q & A thread,otherwise dudes will blast you on here,they hate it lol. Anyway, for begginers learning akuma, you should know his BnB, especially the the BnB (insert combo here ) -> Link into sweep. The majority of his game is playing very patiently untill your able to land an untechable knockdown,(throw,sweep,demon flip throw…etc) then learn how to vortex. Basically I would learn how to play footsies first. IMPORTANT (youtube rugiohh guide to footsies,if your trying to play at a higher level). Once you understand that concept, you can gowith check out Lord ultimas vortex thread, cause that will help you sustain momentum, and do damage. I suggest watching some tokido videos to see how he plays him.

where is this rugiohh guide to footsies? all i’m getting are tutorials for ryu and chun li

See this is EXACTLY what I needed I pretty much skipped the basic stuff and jumped right into combos & setups, just like it said most ppl do in the Q&A thread (which I did read before posting this thread btw) But yeah learning footsies and how to control the flow the of match to get that 1st knockdown and not get stuck in the corner is what I needed thank for the rugiohh footsie idea, I hope I find the video :slight_smile:

I found the video after searching "ssf4 footsies guide"
you can watch the video here:

Im about to watch right now :slight_smile:
Thanks again @ Kavious