Lost Stick, Please Help!

Standard X-Box 360 TE. Has a single strip of blue tape on the bottom.

Last seen Saturday, August 21st, at the Gameclucks TourneyPlay event. Last used in my Singles match against Ao from Tri-Cities.

Believed to have been mistaken for someone else’s stick and taken home unknowingly.

This sauce is weak.

Good luck!

Ouch, This to me sounds bad. It seems that if someone left with an extra stick, there would be no way you could not know, As the price is enough to know if you had invested in a whole extra stick.

and a problem I foresee is if someone unknowingly took your stick, thinking it was theirs, What happened to their stick?

I hope it works out for you, Because I would kill a mother fucker if I found they stole my TE.

Do you have the model number on the back of the TE to compare? Without that info, and since your stick is stock, I would think it would be hard to prove ownership.

I think it’s @ the dojo. Don’t ask how it got here cause I didn’t bring/take anything with me to the tournament.

better get jareds old stick off ronnicle! neither of them niggaz is using it

I know right? :lol:

Nah good luck though. Mod that shit rob so people don’t think it’s theirs! ~personalize~

Is there a yellow sticker on the bottom? If so, that’s Jason Nelson’s stick, which also happens to have a strip of blue tape on it.

Actually McRonnicle is using it!

Ronnicle is ditching the way of the pad warrior!? :open_mouth:

*learning stick
Having some trouble here and there but I’ll be back soon with stick in hand.
Haven’t played on pad since and don’t plan to ever again.
So far I can already see the advantages of playing on stick.

I hope zig finds his stick.

Hahaha good to hear. I remember trying to convince Emanuel to switch to stick and he tried it for like a second and was like nah I can’t do anything. :lol:

I’m actually pretty sad that someone “unknowingly” took it home (I hope that’s what happened). Anyway, good luck in finding your stick.

(thanks for also letting my team borrow your stick during 3v3!)

the power of the dragon

Oh… yeah that’s jason nelsons… lmao

ill sell you an ex2 for 30 bucks bro, OUT THE BOX THEY SHITTIN ON TE’S…until the buttons start to go out and then it has to be destroyed…or brought to paris

hey rob you got tickets for pax??? :slight_smile: LOLOL jk jk

rob u a balla like me just get back up arcade sticks,

Left you a post on your facebook there a while back, Mr. Mover.

Let me know.

Lee-I saw, thanks for the offer. Unfortunately I’m gonna be broke soon, but I’ll let you know if things change.