Lost marvel knowledge?


you have to thank cray fish, the guy who compiled this up. I have no clue how he got some of these back but its pretty cool to look back on and who knows what ideas you can grab out of it till this day.

The srk server crashed backed in the day resulting in all the posts hreads being deleted in the process and all the old knowledge had to be rewritten by new players if the old players weren’t around to write them again. I’m not sure 100% of old stuff has been recovered but there are quite a bit of marvel threads to read.

I read a reference to wong’s b5 magneto and alex valle’s strider and BH\sent teams. Thats how old these are. :rofl:

pretty cool imo. Its cool to see how the scene grew and the best way to do that is to read the old posts and get a general conception of what the scene was like back then.

zaza? beasterine?

at any rate THANK YOU Crayfish :amazed::tup:

Yeah its too bad i’m not seeing zaza’s thread in this heap. A fun read through though.

LMAO @ thread

Magneto : Megamans Bitch

This is actually something I was looking for for a good while…now I can fill in some holes in a few projects I’m working on…

does that bh/cyke “infinite” work?

if you’re talking about the ‘reset’ infinite, it doesn’t work if the opponent knows how to shake out.

if they are lazy/stupid, then yes, it works and it kills (quickly).