Losing to stupid stuff

So yeah, I’m new.

Hugo jumping in on me over and over with j.HK, land d.LK, d.MK. Or jump in and parry everything. If I attack him correctly, my meaty attack should beat out his 360+P whenever he gets up right? (since his grab isn’t zero frame)

Yun pretty much holding up on the joystick. Dive kicks, whiff dive kicks, target combo into super beating everything I do.

I can’t beat Twelve at all. He sticks out these random moves all over the ground so I can’t approach him at all. Stuff like the spikes, far s.HK, d.HP of all things, and whatever. If I throw a projectile he just walks under it defeating the whole purpose of me throwing it in the first place.

Non-charge partitioning Remy just going crazy with the Cold Blue Kicks, d.MP and d.HK spam in my face, and runaway with sonic booms.

Urien runaway, build meter, random tackle xx Aegis. That thing is REALLY starting to get on my nerves. I know his s.HK avoids throws, but the thing completely avoided my low jab as well. Jump fierce, close s.HK.

Ibuki random rdp+K xx knife/super knives. Why is that step on my head move beating every single anti-air I try? Her wake-up EX dp+K is giving me a hard time as well.

Alex mash on f+MP, random EX-elbows to my face, wake up with the boots everytimes. If done correctly will my low shorts beat him whenever he wakes up with the boots? Or am I just cursed to be stepped on every time?

Chun wake up EX-sbk.

Any character mashing throws all the time for no reason.

Alright, those are the various moves/tactics that are giving me the most problems at this time. I’d test all this stuff out for myself, but unfortunately the 3S training mode is really lacking compared to the CvS2 one. If only there were a dummy record mode so I don’t have to always beg a friend to go training mode with me instead of playing.

I play with Ken, Necro, Dudley mostly. Also Q and Elena as well because they have stupidly easy kara-throws and Elena has the awesome mash on b+HK, d.MP beating everything for no reason tactic. I use Hugo, but only because I like the way he yells out Hammer Mountain! Necro and Dudley are the characters I’m having the hardest time winning against all these random/scrubby/whatever tactics with. Any advice or tips to help me get better would be great. Thanks.

Why don’t you parry if you know what they’re gonna do?

People do that at high level play? Stuff like get right next to the other guy and purposely parry if I think he’s going to do wake-up dp? I don’t like getting grabbed by throw mashers or losing to random guessers when I should have the advantage myself. I almost always just block low instead of trying to get lucky with some wake-up parry whenever I get knocked down myself for example.

Can you help me with some of the weaknesses those characters I’m losing to might have instead? I don’t think I’ve played or watched enough good people to fully understand how the game and each character works yet.

I hate losing to stupid people. Like Ed Ma.

For Necro:

Vs Hugo, you can zone him with standing roundhouse (from across the screen of course). Also, meaty RH drill-kicks on his wake-up stuffs his moves. Learn how to s.MP xx SA3 on reaction after Hugo’s missed s.MPs.

Yun’s tough for Necro. Block his divekicks, then hit forward+throw. If he keeps doing divekicks and you anticipate it, try tagging him with a b+HP into db+HP juggle. Some people prefer picking SA1 vs Yun as an antiair.

Twelve vs Necro’s pretty even. If he flies high over you, hit him with a b+FP. You’re just gonna have to learn his poke strings (since he doesn’t have combos), and punish.

Remy - just move in slowly, parrying LoV’s, until you can get close enough to punish with ES stun combos. Remy’s second hit of d+HK are easy as hell to parry.

Spam b+MP to keep urien from dashing in. Knock him down and keep the pressure on with UOH xx super / cr.LK xx jab tornado hook / throw mixup. Try landing elbow x6 on him in the corner.

Most of Ibuki’s pokes have priority over Necro’s, but using MP/FP denpa is a good antiair. Just mash the buttons until you hit. Also, if she’s jumping and throwing regular knives, a jab denpa will deflect the knives, and still be able to hit her. :tup:

Get alex into the corner and tag him with cr.LK xx jab hook / db+fp x6. He can also be juggled by ES.

Chun’s hard, cause her normals own you. Just be patient, wait for openings.

As I said before, if you know what they’re gonna do, parry and punish. Simple as that.

Thank you! Necro is too good. I’m gonna go try out some more matches at my friend’s house right now. See if I don’t get embarrassed like a fool again.

For the most part, yeah, they’ll do that. And people will empty-jump, aiming to make the opponent throw out an anti-air, only to parry it themselves.

Don’t always block low, though. You’re opening yourself up for overhead after overhead.

3s is like rock paper scissors… don’t always do the same thing.

3s is only rock paper scissor if you are an idiot guesser, or if you are playing a scrub that knows how to parry.

watch match vids and get ready to invest some time. the learning curve for 3s is retarded but well worth it since it is probably the most fun street fighter of all.

Guessing is top tier.

guessing is top tier getting owned yea

watch how someone plays his char, a little wait is already enough to see he’s gonna throw, etc.

plus stupid laggy moves are easy to see =/ like Twelve meaty s.hk from far =/

you dont lose to stupid stuff
you lose to stupid people
and you lose to your stupid self for falling for it

Guessing and quick reaction own all!

I dunno what it is about Alex’s foward mp that makes people go retarded but I love it. I swear I’ll play scrubs who will get tagged by that 8 times a round :clap: .

Also random ex-elbows are l337. And teh boot stomp is teh uber sexy.

Hmm, lets see… I use Remy and Ibuki alot, so we’ll start from there.

c.mp xx lk cold blue kick is amazingly safe for Remy. CBK is just an awesome move. I think he’s almost at even frames after it, and if he hits you in the air he gets a free juggle. Really all you can do is parry and punish.

spamming d.hk… yeah, you can punish after the first part of the sweep, or just play it safe and punish after the second. Remy should not be spamming this move, just like shotos should not spam their d.hk.

Watch out for his j.fierce. This is the remy jump move of choice, if hit air to air you’re put in a juggleable state so Remy can land and hit you; if air to ground you’re in so much hit stun Remy can land, c.mp xx flash kick.

Ideally Remy wants you in the corner so he can harrass you with sonic booms/ex sonic booms and high/low mixup into super. They’ll probably try for a neutral throw once you’re in the corner since they can hit a flash kick after that on 90% of the cast (I can’t remember who doesn’t get hit by it off the top of my head; I want to say Makoto and/or Dudley but I’m not sure). So how do you beat Remy? You hit him. Necro punks Remy. One stun combo and bam, Remy loses like 50%+.

One thing to look out for is wakeup EX flash kick/Rising Rage Flash. Hover just outside of throw range when you get a knockdown and try to bait out a wakeup RRF/EX RRF and punish according; the EX version has invulnerability and I’ve never actually seen it stuffed by anything other than a super.

Ibuki… is another person like Remy. Low stun/life means anyone who hits her beats her easily. Bait out that EX dp+k. If Ibuki is just doing random rdp+k, jump and hit her since it seems to go through alot of AAs. She should ideally be hitting s.short s.forward xx (doesn’t combo) rdk+forward xx SAI (on hit or combo) or she’ll be going for the ‘unblockable’ with the dp+p hop move where she throws a jab knife infront of you and does SAI behind you. Parry the knife and block the super.

I’m pretty sure fast dashing supers usually hit Ibuki after SAI. Last night I hit a chun with that combo, and she reversal SAII’ed me and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t block it. This means MAYBE you can reversal SAII with Elena and hit her, I’m sure it would depend on distance. I’ll have to double check on if you can reversal after the super to hit her… that means I’ll probably be playing SAII or SAIII against chun from now on if that super is not safe on her.

Generally you should block low against Ibuki when you’re waking up. She’ll either be going for c.roundhouse xx s.roundhouse (it’s a launcher if you’re close, if not you’re still in the air and she’ll probably super jump cancel the s.roundhouse and try to hit j.fierce xx j.f+forward in the air as you’re landing do to you landing standing up… at least that’s what I do afterwards, so if you get hit by this you should option select parry into antiair… tap forward and then hit your fastest AA of choice).

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about beating Ibuki. Ibuki just does piddly damage. If you could cover up the lifebars and watch a top tier ibuki vs a top tier anyone else, it’ll look like Ibuki is winning the match usually. And then she dies. Then you uncover the life bars and see she did 25% damage to the other guy. Ibuki has good mix up, she just doesn’t do enough damage to make the amount of work you have to do worth it.

I enjoyed your old fatboy avatar, Flooper. :sad:

So, I’m startin to try and learn Yun. Just need a change of pace. :slight_smile:

I play ken, basicly if twelve is annoying just sa3 him, you have priority and he can’t move. Versus Hugo I don’t jump a lot, tho, don’t try to throw him since he has a range advantage. If the option is there, then you might attempt it(heck if you’re next to him, always attempt otherwise you’ll be thrown), but don’t race into him like “I’m gonna throw you big boy”.

Akuma: fast but it seems to me that even good players all of a sudden drop idle because they accidentally whiffed or don’t know how to continue the block chain any further. Demon rage is counter throwable: you can race towards him and grab him, he can’t tech. Ryu as cpu is my biggest problem, I have absolutely no clue why this is, what I do seem to catch correctly is that his normal moves are in some cases faster then ken’s, the only thing I can think of is keeping him out of close combat range so he can’t do to much harm that easily.

Pretty much. I wasn’t even joking about guessing. It really is top-tier in 3S.

I dont guess often, and still beat the crap outta u Geese.