Loser Humiliation

Why does every other player I lose to feel obligated to switch to another character?

As a newer player it feels extremely bad mannered, especially when they pick your own character trying to say ‘look at me I am even better with your best character’.
In addition it’s hard for me to figure the other player out when he’s only playing a character for one match, and I get no real learning experience.
I don’t have a problem losing at all, but I want to play serious matches to get better, not your humiliation Dan or Hakan just because I lost twice against your main.

It’s probably a Street Fighter only thing…

Several reasons:

  1. They are trying to learn a new character and when they notice you are bad enough for them to use it against you, they switch to it
  2. They are being nice and want to give you a chance, thinking that you’d get very salty if they just stomped you over and over
  3. They feel too bored when playing their main against someone they win against while keeping their eyes closed
  4. They want to unlock colours/taunts for characters they don’t usually play
    [ 5) If they pick your character: They’re taking the quickest way to show you what to do better, giving your easy pointers on how to improve your game ]
    Think positive. I doubt there are a lot of people going “Hey this guy is bad, muahahaha HUMILIATION INCOMING I GO PLAY DAN!!!”.

Also, do you really think you should be worrying about “trying to figure the other player out” if you can’t even beat them while they play a character whom they have little to no experience with plus probably a severe lack of knowledge about?
I’d rather look at those losses against opponents who basically “aren’t doing anything” (since they don’t know much and simply can’t) and see how they’re beating me anyways. Usually the conclusion will come down to any or all of “I don’t block correctly”/“I can’t antiair”/“I spam unsafe specials and get punished”… to cut it short: Extreme basics.
Go fix those asap rather than complaining about people playing not at the best of their ability against you. Get angry at yourself for getting beat by people that are fooling around instead of bitching at some imaginary acts of humiliation.

Thanks for the answer.
It’s probably not #1 because they switch through the whole roster. And for the most part if #5 happens, they lose and then quit the lobby, so for me it really feels like a bad mannered move.
I can agree on your other reasons though. And I don’t get salty at all losing over and over, just this particular move is making me a bit mad.

Reason I lose is not because they switch characters but because the apply basic defense and attack fundamentals to all characters.
OK if they use their main character they are better at combos and pressure.

If you see them picking a weak character (weak for their standards) and do not like that move, pick a weak character yourself, preferably with no BP.
If I see a guy pick Dan I pick Makoto and try to do Ultra 1 on him :wink:

SF4 Dan and Hakan are really not as bad as people make them out to be. There is really no character in SF4 that is humiliating to lose to.

There are no ‘bad manners’ online. Hate mail means you’re doing something right.
And if they switch characters, for the reasons Vulpes mentioned.

And if you blow them up in a mirror match with your main… well… think of it as them not being so good after all.
Folks who quit after a few matches probably aren’t worth your time or vice versa. There’s nothing wrong with playing someone else.

Don’t discount the fact that many people seem to think that you can have upwards of 5 “mains”.