Los Angeles Game ZONE X 3rd Strike/Alpha 3 Results SAT 2/18

3rd Strike (16 players)
1st-Mike Watson (Ken, Chun-Li)
2nd-Alex Valle (Ryu)
3rd-Ken I. (Sextaro) (Makoto)
4th-Jason Cole (Urien)
5th (tie) MutantXP (Urien, Necro)
5th (tie) Jason Wilson (DreamTR) (Elena, Necro)

Alpha 3 (Round Robin) (9 players)
1st-Mike Watson
2nd Alex Valle
3-Jason Wilson
4-Jason Cole
5 (tie) Don Sneddon
5 (tie) Vic

Tournament notes (3s):

Watson is about to lose to Ryan (Urien) and says “good game” when down 1-0, then somehow comes back to win the match with Chun-Li madness, take the series, and take the tournament. WTF.

Watson and Valle made Winners Finals, Ken I lost to Valle twice…Mutant XP lost to Cole and Ken I, DreamTR lost to Cole and Watson. Cole lost to Watson and Ken I.

Tournament Notes (A3)
Watson wins 2-0 or 2-1 vs EVERYONE in the tournament. Valle’s only loss was to Watson. Wilson’s losses were to Valle and Watson, Cole’s losses were to Wilson, Valle, and Watson…Shirts shows up late, enters tourney, then forfeits all his matches.

Derek “omni” Daniels makes a mystery appearance!

Thanks to EVERYONE for showing up again and making these tournaments fun!

WTF? Ken I got 3rd?!

buff0taku ftw.



thanks for throwing the tourney wilson, one complaint, no switches from now on please…

not being able to uppercut on alpha3 sucks…


gg everyone

You don’t need uppercut.

And let’s not forget the highlight of highlights: My V-Ryu Brokebacking Watson’s V-Akuma.

did you guys record the A3 matches:wgrin: ?

Sorry bro, I don’t think anyone taped the matches.

Thanks for having the tournament. It was a good time. If you could take a look at the 3s sticks for next time, I’m sure everyone would appreciate it.

Sup guys, yeah I really enjoyed that tourney, close match Wilson. So much 3s that day…

Thyallmighty: Yeah, that was VERY close :wink: Good games!

Goostecks: Those are 360s and work fine on 3s. We have complaints only randomly but again, the fact of the matter is every arcade is different, and you have to get used to it beforehand, unfortunately…

Watson: I have to leave switch sticks on that cabinet because it is ST. I might switch them to Competition Sticks, though. Why can’t you uppercut? I thought you were an old man. =P

I LOVE those sticks…in fact, I 've yet to have a problem on either of those cabinets, and I only play on them the day of the tourneys…

Glad to see A3 getting some play again

next time there is a3 please record!!! man all the old man games are doing it big…here’s hoping alpha ant. want blow a beastly one…

Sorry I couldn’t make it to the tourney, had to visit my CPA. D=< Next time, though.

Arlieth: It’s ok, we still love you :wink: