Loose MVS stick, help me tighten her up

I just got a new 2-slot Gold cab MVS and I love it like my child. But the 2P stick is loose. I hope someone here knows a thing or two about these things because I sure as hell don’t. Here’s my attempt.

The stick is set about a quarter inch too low. Upon opening the back of the machine I notice a piece of plastic resting on the bottom of each metal joystick. It’s this oddly shaped piece of plastic hitting the micro switches that make me walk and kick ass. Now, the fact that 2P is so loosey-goosey and set just a bit too low, the plastic is set too low and due to it’s weird shape is no longer hitting the micro switches correctly. No click, no walking, no fun.

Now I’m guessing I have to unbolt this metal shielding to get at the stick, but before I do that I’d really like to have a sense of direction. I can’t find any tutorials online about changing the sticks, so I’m stuck. I have a similar post collecting dust @ neo-geo.com right now, so I hope someone here can help. I want this fixed before Garou arrives, because nothing makes me feel better than beating on roommates and friends who know nothing about the game. :slight_smile:

Check the very bottom of the stick shaft. Theres an e-clip that keeps the stick from just sliding out if they pull up on it. Most American style parts have two grooves in the shaft for the clip to go in. If the P2 side has the clip in a different groove than the P1 side, take it out and put it in the groove the P1 side uses.

I think it’s lacking the clip altogether. I wonder if I can order just this one part from happ or lizard lick.

Get new sticks, they are cheap enough, a couple of supers will go excellent, although I know everyone here likes the competition ones.

Chad is a great guy, I’m sure he can help you out.

Ok, I will be buying sticks in a month anyway but even then I’ll have no idea how to install them. If you got any tuts for changing the sticks, I bet I could find out whats wrong with this one. The “e-clip” sounds like the culprit, I can see a brown piece wedged between the metal and plastic on the 1P side but it’s missing on the 2P side, that could be what holds it at the proper height. Any on have a pic of an e-clip?

I blame this on my roommate who apparently doesn’t know how to use a joystick without breaking shit. The kid can calculate massive formulas for work, but can’t figure out how to apply a gentle force when using a game controller.

I’m a hardware newb and appreciate the help. I’ll try and get pictures when I get out of work tonight.

Don’t worry man, when you get the new sticks it will all make sense to you, as they come apart with minimal installation to be done.

Question though, are the discs beneath or over the CP?

What do you mean by discs? The ones that sit on top of the CP to prevent dust buildup? I’m pretty sure they’re HAPP sticks, the guy I bought it from told me he installed them less than a year ago. Eyeballing some pictures, I’d guess they are competition sticks. He hasn’t got back to me yet about exactly what sticks they are.

I will unbolt the metal shielding tonight and take a look around. I’m afraid as soon as I do that springs will fire out, destroying all the old wiring. There has to be some sort of guide to taking these out. It looks like the CP hinges off, but I don’t see how to open it, it’s bolted down.

I’ll get some pics tonight if you’re willing to help me out.