Loose Ball Top

Last summer I Made myself a joy stick, yay!
It’s great, except the ball top keeps coming loose in middle of play, it’s really distracting. Anyone have any idea on how to secure it?

Red lock tight…

on the bottom of the shaft you can use a screw driver to hold it in place while tightening the balltop.

You might want to go with Blue instead if you anticipate switching the ball.

Bah red lock tight isnt THAT hard to break off once its solid :chainsaw:

I suppose. That said, I torqued the slotted bit (and c-clip shoulder) off of whatever comes in the stock SE stick doing something not-too-bright with a wrench and a screwdriver. And the blue stuff does keep things from getting loose quite well.

What’s red lock and blue lock?

Loctite red and blue are threadlockers. Basically glue specifically made so you can make threads set.
Henkel North America - Loctite Brand Adhesives and Sealants

You can get it (or some similar generic) at hardware stores and similar places.

hold the shaft with a plier while thigtening the balltop. Use something to avoid the plier to make direct contact with the shaft or you are going to scrap it entirely. I suggest a gross tissue.

Occam’s razor. It’s what the slot on every shaft is for.

I’d just go with blue loctite, commonly called blue 242. Good stuff. Amazon has it as does lowe’s and home depot. Even walmart has blue 242, though it may or may not be loctite brand; they’re pretty much the same.

Man. This thread/question pops up every few months.

Here is my suggestion:
Once you expose the underside of the top panel you’ll see something like this under the lever portion.

Use a flathead screwdriver to keep the center of the stick firmly in place while you manually screw the ball top from the top side of the panel. You will be able to ensure it sticks on tight this way.

I only just finished ordering parts for my first custom stick, so it’s not like I’ve encountered this issue or tried any fixes for it, but has anyone ever tried thread sealing tape?

Could be worth a shot, for anyone nervous about the various glues.

I agree with Warlocke. Another alternative is “plumber’s tape”. Its a thin white strip that you can find in any hardware store. Just wrap that around the shaft prior to screwing the balltop. Of course, don’t forget to use a screw driver at the base of the shaft. (why does that sound so dirty?) LOL.