Looking to play kof13 when it comes out on console, what game should I use as a base

sup peeps, questions above ^ what game is closet to kof13 in terms of style of gameplay

Kof xii

I’m not a KoFboi, but I believe a better option would be any other KoF game ever? I believe 98UM can be obationed on XBL or PSN without too much cash, and that tends to get some love. I don’t know how much it has in common with XIII, but my understanding is that because so much was changed from XII, that xii is’nt really any closer gameplay wise than any of the others.

And KoF xii is hated on by a lot of people, for several good reasons.

Play kof 2k2, and if you can get your hands on it KOF XI(PS2). Don’t bother playing XII unless you have some one good you can play against (the AI is the stupidest think i’ve ever come across. I can beat all 5 stages 1handed blindfolded and drunk…i’ve seriously done it…) the pacing in XIII is a lot like 2k2, and some of the characters/movesets are much more similar to XI than 2k2. Hope that helps

I posted the same question on another forum. Check out the responses here: New to KoF…

No one plays it, over ggpo would be a better bet.

KoF XI feels the closest to me in terms of speed, the cancel system and controls. 2K2/UM is similar in the HD mode. XII is only similar in the jump/hop mechanics. Check out http://dreamcancel.com for more KoFXIII conversation and information.

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The popular opinion on Dream Cancel seems to be KoF 2002 on GGPO… I’m downloading it now to try. If you’re looking for someone to play with, keep an eye out for Badonkadonk on GGPO.