Looking to pick up Capcom fighters for PS2. Best versions?

I’m eyeing these 3 particular releases:

Hyper SF2 + Vampire Collection (JP)
CVS2 + 3rd Strike (JP)
Alpha Anthology (US)

Any reason to pick up a different release of any of them? Any bugs present or features missing that don’t apply to other releases? Any real difference between regions for any of them? That kinda stuff.

From what I know:
ps2 3s is faster than arcade.
hsf2 has a problem with claw’s divekick input, but I heard it was fixed in later versions, the question is which.

Also, the US version’s replay function is messed up. It was fixed in the JP version linked in the OP if I remember correctly.

Dreamcast has the best CvS2 version if you have one.

Shut up Jeff, lol. PS2 is fine.

Those are all fine collections. I owned them all at one point or another.

Vampire Collection has the best ports of the Vampire games. Especially, with the right dipswitch settings. But, you’ve been hearing that from the players for a long time.

whats the difference between DC and PS2 cvs2? to this day i’ve never actually heard why either is better

Jeff (RagingHormonesXXX) up there can tell you better, but I think it’s a speed or frames thing. It was minor I believe.

I believe it was because there was antilasing on the DC so the characters and animations have less jaggies. Thats really been the only reason why people played that over the PS2.