Looking to mod my Mayflash Stick

Is everything that I have in mind compatible for modding it?

Joystick: http://www.focusattack.com/seimitsu-ls-40-joystick-187-fastener-type-with-re-plate/
Buttons: http://www.focusattack.com/seimitsu-ps-14-kn-30mm-screw-button-smoke/
Converter (ps2–>ps4): http://www.focusattack.com/brook-super-converter-playstation-2-to-ps3-ps4-adapter/

I don’t know how big the holes are for the buttons of the stick, but I heard that they were smaller than 30mm. Would 24mm buttons fit perfectly instead? That would save me $8 too lol

I’m not sure if the joystick that I linked will be able to mount with the Mayflash stick, and would like someone to clarify this for me.

The converter is set in stone. Heard that it’s quite good.

Thank you for reading my questions, and I eagerly await replies for them.

They are not a solid 30 mm per say, they will fit 30mm buttons. 30mm buttons would be the right size to buy, 24mm buttons are too small and just fall though.
Snap-in Buttons would be a bit snug but Screw-in buttons fits just fine. The actual button isn’t 30mm wide they are classified as 30mm buttons as they fit 30mm holes.

For the joystick, it depends are you getting the original or the version 2 Mayflash? If you are speaking of the Version 2 mayflash, the joystick is designed to accept authentic joysticks and 30 mm buttons and you should have no issues.The Version 2 Maylfash, the JLF just fits right into place. You have some minor rewiring to do but its not that hard of a process.

For the version 2 Maylfash check out the thread we formed for it

For version 1 check out the following

I bought this one awhile back:

Looking at the dates, I assume that it’s version 2 of the Mayflash stick. Thanks for the reply.

No thats the version 1 Mayflash stick.

Ah, so I have to cut and solder some stuff for this version.

Thanks again!