Looking to mod my Madcatz Fightstick Pro


I’ve had this for a little bit and rather enjoy it. I would like to get different buttons as I don’t like the ones currently in it as they are a bit too mushy. Can anyone give me some recommendations for some more clicky buttons? Ideally, something that feels like a cherry blue switch. I’m also in the UK so I can’t really afford to buy from American stores.

Arcade world UK are a good supplier

Your buttons are sanwa, Probably the most popular arcade button

You can try seimitsu buttons, but I don’t think you can put IL buttons in that case, IL buttons can take cherry switches.

Also, there is a thread at the top of the page for these questions

I know they are Sanwa buttons but I don’t know which ones they are. I’ve heard some Sanwa buttons are more clicky but I just don’t know.

I’m also not sure where I should be posting this stuff as i’m new. I also don’t understand what you mean by at the top of the page.