Looking to LED mod my stick the hard way, what has changed in the last few years?

I have a custom stick with PS-14KN buttons that I built a few years ago. I always wanted to do some meme stuff with it, light up on press buttons etc, but hate the idea of buying those SMD custom disc LEDs for more than the cost of the button each. I just stumbled upon ridiculously cheap equipment from China, 100 white leds for $2, teensy knockoff boards for $2, terminal strips 10 for $2, absurd deals. Ideally what I want to do is find a bunch of small LEDs, glue them to the inside of my buttons, wire them up to a daughter board, connect that to my main board (Teensy 2.0) and get it all going, but it seems a lot has changed since I last was around here, so I have some questions for the old tech gurus.

[] What happened to toodles?
] What type of LEDs fit within PS-14KNs? Going with 3mm 5v by default.
[] How do people control their LEDs nowadays? Is there a mainstream board?
] Does anybody even attempt this anymore? I googled for a bit and could not find any guides that go into specifical details, almost all of them use the disk SMD LEDs or do it the hard way but don’t show what they did.




I am only planning on doing light-up on press, do people normally just use a standalone chip for that?

Pulled from another thread

This’ll give you light up on press for up to 6 buttons. For more than 6 you’ll need additional hex inverters.

I placed an order on 100 white 3mm 5v leds, 100 220 ohm resistors, 10 of the hex inverters toodles recommended, and a bunch of cable shielding. All added up to less than $11, can’t wait!

Booo, use my original image instead. :slight_smile:
The creator of that thread cut out the pushbutton and LED that I drew in my original graphic, and then re-drew everything else.

I finally got my equipment in from China, I wired it up and it’s giving me some goofy results. At first what I did was I tapped VCC and GND straight off the usb cord to the circuit, plugged the button into the PCB in it’s normal 2 wire ground/signal configuration, when I tried that the LED was on by default and if I pressed the button it would turn off. I rewired it so that the button wasn’t wired to the PCB at all, and instead only to the ground and the in pin of the hex invertor, now the led is dim by default, gets brighter when I press it.

I’ve been doing electronics for a long time but this one is making me scratch my head…