Looking to learn Tekken 6

Hey guys, I’m pretty sure I have posted about Tekken in the past but I can’t really remember what it was about. Anyway recently I have been getting back into Tekken 6, I’m a huge scrub at it, but I would like to learn it and possibly play it on a more competitive level. I know Tekken is a huge game, and takes lot’s of strategy and that’s what I’m looking for. So I was mainly wondering if anyone knows of a good active Tekken Community I can go to, to learn the basics and such, and even meet fellow Tekken players.

Also a question @all of you Tekken players. How do you guys usually take the moveset? I’d say theirs at least 50 moves per character in Tekken 6, for some maybe less. Do players usually learn the entire movelist by heart? Or do they take a few moves they like and use them. I’ve always wondered this for games like SC, and VF as well.

Learn you punishers whiff and block, moves that track, combos/low parrys, quick pokes/frame traps maybe. you can find a lot of char specific stuff on tekken zaibatsu. Game is a pain if your not playing other people char have so much tools which makes it hard IMO when your not playing against them constantly.
there will be moves you prob will never use and there a lot of stuff on move list that just addstuff on or diff variation. it looks a lot worse then it is


Memorize the your character’s move list to a point that you know 99% of the moves (notation) pros do in match videos.

Be warn: Tekken requires heavy frame data knowledge

Play SSF4 first than you tekken skill will get better overtime

Alright thanks guys. This seems to be a major challenging game, but I want to learn it anyway.I’m up for the challenge.

I found this video series quite helpful: