Looking to get replacement Madcatz TE stick "rubber feet"

Anyone have an idea where to source the rubber feet on the bottom of the Madcatz TE fightsticks. I let someone take apart my fightstick to check it out and they tightened the rubber feet and one broke off :frowning:

Thanks ahead of time!

Check here, I think either one of these might work for you… The aluminum non slip feet are BADASS though, totally recommended!

my bad, forgot the link!! lol http://www.shadaloo.eu/store/index.php?page=shop.browse&category_id=18&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=4

Or go to radio shack and buy stick on rubber feet

that have small ones and big huge ones and they’re all pretty cheap

Was looking for something in the states, not looking to wait on world wide shipping :frowning:

I’ll check out radio shack, but if anyone knows direct replacement (since madcatz is too busy to reply to me) in the US, i’d rather direct replacement over stick ons.

Thanks for the replies!

you would be surprised on how fast you can get things from the EU, I frequently order stuff from hong kong or places in japan and china and doesn’t take long to get to the states at all… 3-5 days usually.

Try Home Depot. They have rubber feet in two sizes. Be prepared to get different nuts and bolts, though. I don’t think that the ones that come with TEs will fit through the holes in the Home Depot feet, although I could be wrong.

I needed some rubber feet/ anti slip for my fight stick because i had lost my old ones some how…
Self-Stick Cushion Feet
i picked these up from my local radio shack. they are rubber stickers that work very very well, they are super sticky (very hard to peel off but easy to put on) and they will hold your stick in place firm and nice!

At last they arrived in America!